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Looking for opponents

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I'm looking for people to use Zdoom and Icq to deathmatch with. I've never actually tested any of my own levels in DM and would really like to and I'd also like to check out others levels that way too.
Zdaemon is cool but I can't get a server to work on my XP machine so I'm stuck with Dwango 5 and Gothic. I like the Gothic but when you get people in there who know the maps like the backs of their hands it makes it kinda tough. So, if you're interested, my icq number is 162293209
Give me a yell.
If you run a Zdaemon server and would be willing to host one or two of my maps - please let me know - that would be cool.
my email address is interleave1@earthlink.net
If you see me on Zdaemon my nick is Sematary

Check out my deathmap pages at

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Come to #Zdaemon on irc.openprojects.net and you'll find a bunch of opponenets :)

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