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HELP! making Zdoom & prboom most like Doom 1.9

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hi all :)

i had the shareware back around v. 1.6 and Doom II and i had the best time playing them but i was stupid and stopped (ohh shame on me i should go to hell... and thats what im trying to do *wink*)

so now all i got is XP :( and the new Collector's Set and a few ports.. but i want the full Doom 1.9 experience, i beat Doom 1 and 2 with a Zdoom beta it was good but the new Zdoom 2.0 beta with working Hexen is out and it has MORE options.. grrr

i came back to doom cos i was tired of jumping and freelooking and 30 buttons i had to learn... and i dont want a helpper dog or Weapon Recoil...

i know prboom has this compatibility level thing but that might just slow things down and wont stop Weapon Recoil or somthing and did "monsters remember" in the old doom? i know there was monster infighting but theres just sooo many and i cant remember

can the Pain Elemental only spit out 20 lost souls?? i think all players and Monsters are inf tall PLEASE help!!

BTW Zdoom is my fave tho (inf save games cos it knows if it was doom 1 or 2 and has pix so it helps with all the megawad saves) i really like prboom too so help on either would be GREAT :)

to the MODS, sorry if this should go in the ports area but its about how the old exes were... soooo move it where ever you think is best


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how do i configure Zdoom and Prboom to be most like the orginal Doom.exe

i dont want to fight (yet) more then 20 Lost Soul from a Pain Elemental if i couldnt with the Doom.exe or if there is a monster below me i cant run off the cliff cos the monsters are inf tall...

umm did old monsters remember the last target after fighting with other monsters? if someone could point me to some info for setting Zdoom or Prboom to be most like the orginal Doom.exe.. i think monsters can walk up stairs and do remember the last target and do avoid hazards but monsters dont randomly walk off cliffs... things like that... do you understand what im asking?

Zdoom has all this stuff to make doom better or sillyer.. well i want it just like it was back in 94 with the Doom.exe.. cos i love the ports and i like some stuff and dont have DOS soo i just want to know what the old doom limits and settings were...


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Go under the Doom Compatibility and make everything say yes. All of those are "bug fixes." And I believe Pain Elementals are supposed to be limited to 21 souls, not 20. But if you make all of those say yes and turn off weapon recoil, it should be just like Doom. But as far as the stuff under "monsters" goes, I have no idea what some of those should be. Maybe you should just play Doom 95.

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hey Nanami thanks so much! im looking into it now... i just tryed something on my old Doom2.exe (yes i have it but it runs like sh... well mud in XP) and i didnt know (remember) that "the sky is unaffected by invulnerability" so i've set that to yes under the Doom Compatibility..

so i guess Arch-viles could resurrect invincible gosts? and any monster can telefrage on map 30? and some objects never hang over tall ledges? and monsters randomly walk off moving lifts?... and monsters will climb steep stairs?????

still some more info, maybe past posts about somthing like this or a FAQ that might tell me somthing about how Doom 1.9 worked and the monsters act... i mean i want the old doom but at 640x400 and with MP3 music and fast mouse and lots of save slots.. i love this game SOOOOOO MUCH!!! :D

back to Nanami, about Doom95 the mouse dosnt work on my Xp or even my girlfriends old Win95!!! and no dont tell me to go play the doom.exe on her comp.. i can only do that for about 20 mins every weekend.. anyway i love Zdoom and its saves and MP3s

thanks for being so nice :)

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