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Ultimate Doom Builder - Windows Defender detects Trojan

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Posted (edited)

I downloaded the most recent version of UDB from here. Following a Windows 10 update, I got the following message:




Is this a false positive or should I be concerned... ?


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Posted (edited)

I'm getting that too. I wouldn't install anything that's showing as positive. Though with that said, it's quite common for anti-virus software to accidentally tag libraries a virus is using as part of the virus itself. So when another piece of software uses that library, it gets flagged as containing a virus.


I submitted the download to VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/9641cdd6848cfaf23bbba707e293267c5f73c6e2c18f54ce403c921bec6a91f5/detection


As you can see, five seperate positive readings. That doesn't mean it isn't a false positive, as I've said. But it does mean it wouldn't be wise to install it until it's either resolved as a false-positive or the devs confirm it actually is clean and not the result of hackers gaining access to the build.


Edit: Checked their discord. The server owner Boris states that it's a false positive. You'll still have to wait until that gets ironed out before it'll let you install. However the older builds don't trigger this warning, so your best bet would probably just be to install an older version and wait.

Edited by Gradius : Additional info

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It's false positive, I use UDB and previous iteration from the start and my potato laptop is still okay and fine. Other people can confirm that too. Only virus I've got from builder is mapping virus, it never leaves me alone, asks to keep going and stuff. 

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Mine said nothing.

It truly is a false Positive.


But better an Alarm to much than none.

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Note that it's detecting Updater.exe and not the editor executable itself. Might have something to do with the fact that it can connect out to the internet and download files automatically? You could probably still use the editor but turn off auto updates and let Defender keep Updater quarantined.

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