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Wadazine Survival Sessions #7: Sacrament

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A 14-map project created by the late Russian mapper clan B0S that, for some strange reason, never won a Cacoward despite being on the shortlist. One thing is clear with Sacrament, here we have an utra realistic detail that goes beyond simple design and manages to create a dark, heavy and full of apocalyptic identity WAD. Sacrament is an epic adventure (though not very difficult) that emphasizes exploration over combat. Something very different from what the Doom community is used to! Let's see how our session goes in this adventure through the apocalyptic world of these Russian masters.


American Session:

- March 13th

- 8:30 PM/20:30 CST / GMT-6


-PWAD: Sacrament

- Ultra-Violence only

- 3 Lives for each player.


Server info:

- Zandronum

- WSS #7: Sacrament

- Password: sacrilegio

- Player limit: 12 players

- Hosts: @Gaia74 & @Endless

» Scoreboard «


Join the Wadazine! » https://discord.gg/Q2RKn4J


Previous sessions:

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