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"walking simulator" / puzzle WAD's (low / zero action)

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Does any of such kind exist? Something similar to games like "Dear Easter", "Kairo", "QORA", "MIND: Path to Thalamus Enhanced Edition".


Update. Some links.








Maps/wads list that looks close to criterias:














Maps/wads list that looks close to criterias:




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I recall playing a puzzle-themed wad many years ago, in which you had to deal with certain situations with limited ammo. It was shared by some guy on Facebook, and as far as I remember, he only ever did two levels, so my guess is that there aren't many.

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@JPL made a few mods on this theme:



Turns any map into a touristic exploration, monsters just politely kill themselves so you can explore in peace.



Now the demons are friendly to you. You can talk to them. Also interact with the environment in odd ways.



Not released yet, but if and when it is, it'll be a map made just for exploring.

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map01 of Sacrament springs to mind


speaking of which, Lainos has a couple "huge maps with low monster count" in his portfolio, if that's your cup of tea!

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I actually think making a CP for puzzle minded folks would be a great idea.  I've personally always loved puzzle maps.  


E: They could be just as detailed and architectural as other maps, just puzzle oriented.

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+/- The Given. Heard about that one, but didn't play. For now it's probably the closest thing in case for puzzles and ~ 1,5+ hours spending on them, but it's one huge map, not wad, same it's not cover narrative-contemplative component. In that case we can count Hexen and etc, but it's not the same.


"doom-tourism" and "mr-friendly" is more close to Sims and such type of the games. If monsters don't attack it change some things, but big part of "walking simulators" is exploration part, which regular titles... well they don't have it in the same mood.


+/- Sacrament and No End in Sight. Recently passed them. One or two levels, yes, especially in Sacrament, low monsters and so, but not overal WAD picture.


So. I suppose currently we can tell there is no "full related" wads actually exist yet. I've added some links to the first message for more close compare/look for anyone how interested in such kind of things.

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And nobody bring Eternal Doom here, either.

The first almost fully oriented puzzle megawad out there, that has tons and tons of exploration and ''walking simulator'' feel to it.


Aside from that, Grove is another one that work on that category.

Foreverhood, too, but its an incomplete demo.


There are some projects out there that try to do something different, i found some on zdoom forums.

Unfortunatelly, as this kind of gameplay is not much people cup of tea, most are left on abandoned states.


Comatose is a mega big puzzle map but with a good bunch of monsters in them.

5till L1 Complex is also a good big puzzle map. A little more combat oriented than other Lainos big maps.


The Abyss is a complete vanilla megawad of puzzle oriented maps. Really amazing experience.


EPIC 2 is on the same line of Eternal Doom, but with better combat, still, some puzzles are kinda obscure or relies too much on switch hunting.


A.L.T. is probably the most unusual experience out there that combines almost all designing schools and styles of maps. From puzzle oriented to slaughter lite.


Aliens TC is just amazing and holds really well to these times. The maps are puzzle oriented and are not necessarely about killing monsters. Pretty much a quasi survival horror experience.


Fragport is fugly as hell, really big exploratory maps and good challenge.


Lost Civilization is a really big exploratory mapset with amazing visuals and with good challenge.


Vile Flesh has really big and awesome maps, kinda in line with Alien Vendetta playstyle, but there are some puzzles on it, too.


Unfortunatelly, walking simulator is not something much seen around here :/

It would be cool for a change of pace, for sure.

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Have your heard of "A Lost Soul"?

This one, according to description and screenshots, looks closest to what I'm looking for. Not wad still, but better then nothing.

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