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Doom: Hell on Earth 2.6

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Sign of Evil - Part 6


“Wake up soldier, it’s time!”
I groaned sleepily as I realized that it wasn’t another nightmare.

I opened my eyes and saw General Sheppard himself standing over me. I promptly leapt to my feet
And saluted him, but he briefly waved deprecating. “You don’t need to salute me son, please, if anyone truly deserves a salute, you do” And with that the General saluted me.
I felt a little awkward at having a high-ranking officer like a General salute me as if I was a higher-up. Me, who had always been a pain in the ass for my superiors.

“Anyway Soldier, I’m about to board the last ship to take me to the fifth super ship and before you go, I’ll inform you about a number of things” He continued after lowering his arm again.

“Firstly, stay inside the control tower so that we can get in contact with you. You have already been instructed in how to activate the launch procedure so there’s no reason to go over that, but you will wait for me to call you up on the radio before you activate the launch. If you do not receive the go within two hours from now, activate the launch anyway” He paused, waiting for me to ask any questions, then he continued when I didn’t reply.


I watched as the last couple of ships lifted off. It was a spectacular sight. The glowing blue blasts of the ships fusion engines bathed the entire blast area in a pretty blue light, before raising enormous clouds of smoke and dust. The whole area around the blast area shook and a deafening roaring sound reached my ears. The ships lifted themselves off the ground – five huge military star ships, all army green with huge rocket engines in the ships’ rear parts.

I watched until the ships disappeared through the carpet of dark clouds. It was going to rain.

Now I was alone once more. After having been used to fight the demons in the company of other soldiers, being alone left me strangely empty inside. The goodbye ceremony had been short and hastened. Goliath had clapped me on my shoulder and said “So long buddy, kick their ass a’right? I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed even if that means breaking them” And with that he had disappeared into the crowd of soldiers.
Crash had given me a salute, trying to keep her façade, but I could see that she was affected. Now I couldn’t help at smiling because of that. Helen “Crash” Kaminsky was definitely the only superior to have shown any remotely friendly feelings towards me.

A flash of lighting filled my vision interrupting my thoughts, and five seconds later the thunderclap came. The rain started falling heavily and depressingly. Even the weather seemed to try and make my lone mission as undesirable as possible, but my determination was rock steady. I wanted to go out there to satisfy my own lust for killing.

I waited and watched, checking my weapons again and again. I had reserved a double-barreled shotgun, a chain gun and the BFG, which I kept in a backpack. All my weapons where top-tuned and ready to deal death. I also gave myself the time to check out the new intel on a hand-held computer that Crash had left me. The new intelligence provided info on the two demon species we had encountered inside the star port. Intelligence further stated that these “new” monsters had shown up elsewhere on Earth. Fortunately they were rare as of now, but that might change. I was sure that they were within the newer waves of demons so I felt that I was certain to encounter many more of those on my lone mission.

The excrement-colored cacodemon that spawned lost souls was named pain elemental, because it seemed to thrive on the pain of its victims. I chuckled to myself. Whoever had thought up those names definitely thought the creatures looked demonic enough to be called something demonic. Most of the other humans had just dismissed the notion of them being actual hell spawn. But I knew better. The Pain elemental was attracted to creatures that felt pain and it would spur its aggressiveness when its victim was feeling pain.

The golden grayish creature that got Nash just before we found and disabled the flame barrier device had been named “Archvile” – a strangely fitting name as this terror was by far the vilest creature of them all so far.

The information on these demons all matched my own experiences with them.

“*Fzzzt* Ok soldier, we’re all set up here and in the green – initiate launch procedure, over”

The radio had suddenly sprung to life. I grabbed the receiver and responded with a dry “Roger that!” before I punched in the combination on the console and ultimately pressed a large, green button.

A minute later the radio came back to life again. “We’re spaceborne!” I could hear the cheers in the background. A minor smile appeared on my face. Humanity was saved.
For now.

Outside the sky was dark and the rain limiting visibility. I could hear the rain clatter on the building and on the window screens.


I had waited about an hour which had been uneventful, when the radio came back to life. “TX056, this is Kilo-India-Hotel, do you copy? Over”
“I copy, over” I responded.
“Ok, the sweep is done, so here’s the deal: Sensors have located the assumed source of the Alien invasion – we gather that it’s the source, because that place not only emits the largest power signature on the entire planet, but it seems like a damn ant hill there as well. These alien freaks are milling around that place like crazy, almost as if they’re guarding something of utmost importance” The General’s voice paused, allowing me to digest the news, before it continued
“The source is located at the heart of the nearby city – it’s a large city, but at least it’s close to where you are now. I suggest that you get one of the armored recon crafts that we have left behind in Hangar 6 X-Ray – we’ve loaded it with a bunch of computer-controlled weapons, so you should be well equipped to counter resistance, over”
“Acknowledged! Any intel on which route is the best? Over”
“Affirmative, there’s a UAC factory near Omega, where there was a battle. Our troops were overrun there, not because they ran out of ammo, but because the opposition was too intense – the sensors indicate that the place isn’t so heavily guarded now and it will likely provide the..uhh..safest way into the city” The voice paused. “But expect lots of ammo scattered around in the city – a lot of major battles where fought there... most of ‘em actually, over”
“Ok I get it” I replied. “Anything else? Over”

“Nothing apart from: Good luck soldier, it’s been an honor serving with you. You’re a credit to our species, signing out”

I stared briefly at the radio. Then I narrowed my eyes and gritted my teeth.

Welcome to Hell on Earth marine! I thought and grabbed my helmet.

Outside the rain had stopped, but it was still overcast. In the distance flashes of lightning illuminated the dark skies at random, giving me a bad feeling that the link to Hell had affected the weather.


The Mark 5Alpha Raven hover jeep soared across the rugged terrain at around 80 miles per hour. It was covered in light, but highly durable armor plating. On the roof at the vehicle’s rear was a menacing chain gun cannon and on the sides of the vehicle where two powerful ion blasters.

I could see the UAC factory on my radar screen, but the radar also picked up a large amount of blinking spots – hostiles!

I looked through the windscreen and noticed the flying red spots in the air ahead of me. They turned out to be cacodemons. I grabbed the weapon controlling joystick and chain targeted a couple of the cacodemons before activating the firing sequences. The chain gun cannon began to roar and spit out projectiles. I grabbed the steering wheel and began to make dodging maneuvers, avoiding the balls of lightning that the cacodemons spat at the vehicle from the air. I watched as the dots on the radar disappeared one by one as the huge auto cannon on the roof took them down. I laughed as I could see the bloated cacodemons fall to the ground, splattering blue blood on the dry soil up ahead, but my smile soon vanished.

Lots of large dots appeared on the radar ahead of me. They seemed to be moving out from the building up ahead. Looking through the windscreen, I could see a moving carpet up ahead.

“Doggone it!” I snarled to myself.
There are many of ‘em – and I don’t think they’re here to say hello

I tore the steering wheel around and the hover jeep made a skid and spun around with a powerful jerk. I slammed my foot onto the speeder and the jeep soared across the terrain in the opposite direction. On the roof the autocannon continued to fire at cacodemons, but now I instructed it to concentrate its fire on the large horde of ground demons that were storming my way and soon the heavy shells tore through the masses.

But the air around me was getting unhealthy – bolts of purple lightning sizzled into the ground around the craft, leaving smoking scorch marks and green bolts and fireballs went my way too as well as large flame balls and consistent streams of plasma pulses.

I tore the steering wheel left and right, dodging the attacks. I lowered my head and gritted my teeth.
“Damn you!” I snarled and forced the jeep around to face the horde. Their numbers seemed undiminished, but I didn’t let that stop me. My adrenaline had gone into warp speed, but I fought to remain calm.

The jeep roared towards the monsters and I punched a red button to my left. The twin ion blasters opened fire, burning through the ranks of the demons, cutting a path for me to travel in between the two divided hordes. The satisfaction from watching my foes fall before me calmed me down.
The jeep went in between the monsters and before long, several of the terrors were fighting among themselves because the demons had accidentally hit each other.

Lucky thing that these freaks are so evil and dumb that they hate each other so much I thought to myself as I noticed how chaos had erupted within the ranks of demons.

In that very moment the chain cannon stopped firing and the words: “Chain cannon out of ammunition” flashed on the screen next to the steering wheel. I let out a low snarl and headed west around the factory building.

I left the monsters to fight among themselves and managed to slip away from them unnoticed as those who were in the front ranks were too occupied fighting. But only for a while, because as I rounded the first corner of the huge building, I was greeted with a horrible sight. An incredibly evil face with evil red eyes, a broad mouth with rows of long, thin, pointy teeth, an enormous brain behind the face and the entire monstrosity resting on a metallic, robotic body with four, huge legs. A Spider Demon Mastermind!

“Oh shit!” I grunted and fist hammered the ion blaster fire button. The blasters fired away at the huge monster. A couple of well-placed blasts ruined one of its legs and the monster toppled over, but it was too late.

A couple of its cannon shells ripped into the armored hover jeep and the vehicle made a large skip, whereupon it crashed onto the ground, toppling over and rolling around, knocking me around inside. The vehicle finally came to a halt and I could determine that thanks to my armor and helmet, I hadn’t suffered any serious injuries apart from a few bruises.

Be grateful for small mercies I thought, crawling out of the wreck, dragging the back pack with the BFG after me.

The Spider Mastermind was almost helplessly moving around up ahead of me, but it would be able to turn it’s gun turret at me if I allowed it too much time, so I rushed up towards it, preparing the BFG and put an end to it with two blasts.

As I towered over its wrecked remains, I could hear inhuman screams echo across the landscape all around me.

A drop fell on my arm.
It’s beginning to rain...again I thought, then suddenly frowned. The liquid had felt strangely heavy, thick and sticky.
I looked down on my arm and saw to my surprise that the liquid was red. Blood! I looked up and suddenly more drops fell on my helmet, armor vest and arms. There was no apparent source of the blood and a horrible realization popped up in my mind. The sky was raining blood.

I suddenly remembered how the base area around the translocator on Phobos had been warped and mutated. And the demon invasion had been going on for at least a week now.

Hell was beginning to warp our universe – I now knew that it was more than urgent to find the source of the demon invasion and put an end to it once and for all, otherwise our dimension would slowly be converted into another Hell. Earth was already well on its way.
Oh no you don’t! I thought, gritting my teeth firmly.

There was a door on which there was a sign that said: “Authorized personnel only”. I frowned, narrowing my eyes and brought my combat boot down on the door, kicking it open with a crash, before I went into the dark.


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Very nice, Though this one sentence doesn't sound right:

I grabbed the steering wheel and began to make dodging maneuvers, avoiding the balls of lightning that the cacodemons spat at the vehicle from the air.

I grabbed the steering wheel and dodged the balls of lightning spewed by the Cacos around me.

I dunno, might just be me.

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Insomniac said:

Ok, but not great

Elaborate please.

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He might be talking about what I said. Meh, dunno.

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Mr. "I pinpoint errors and nonsenses" to the rescue! :D


I opened my eyes and saw General Sheppard himself standing over me. I promptly leapt to my feet
And saluted him, but he briefly waved deprecating.

I may be wrong, but it seems you've pressed "Enter" for no reason. Either way, i just love punctuation problems ;)

The excrement-colored cacodemon that spawned lost souls was named pain elemental, because it seemed to thrive on the pain of its victims.

"Pain Elemental" (Just like "Archvile") would be ALOT better here IMO.


Just found a HUGE nonsense while browsing old stories:

"The Nightmare – Part 4":
The Pain Elemental was a rare cousin to the one-eyed cacodemon. It was brown, had a larger eye, had bending obsidian horns and spewed lost souls instead of lightning balls.

Ouch. XD

There are many of ‘em – and I don’t think they’re here to say hello()

You've forgot something ;D

There was a door on which there was a sign that said: “Authorized personnel only”. I frowned, narrowing my eyes and brought my combat boot down on the door, kicking it open with a crash, before I went into the dark.

There is NOTHING wrong there! lol j/k

Friggin good job BTW

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