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WAD in Progress

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My first in-progress WAD, still quite considerably testing out Doom BuilderX! This has been tested with PRBoom+, using completely vanilla settings, and Doom2 IWAD. My intention is to create a large single-map slaughterWAD, I enjoyed playing through Holy Hell, Holy Hell Revealed, Okuplok and others, and want to try to match that level of difficulty - though I suspect it's a little too hard at the moment. But the level doesn't even have an end yet, as you'll see. 


I know lots of slaughtermaps can often start with the BFG, and I wanted to have some bits at the start where you have to use rockets and the plasma gun as well, so there's no BFG in this map (yet). 


I've read a lot of threads, tried to avoid too much symmetry and straight lines, but there's no difficulty distinction at the moment - from what I can gather, these type of WADs generally don't have it (?)


I'm aware that the design is quite boring, I've started to mess around with decoration in the initial area, breaking up what was just a rectangle with a few lamps, and a couple of recessed areas. There's something I can't work out on the first arch-vile trap - they seem to be able to target you from between the two large pillars (which are obviously put there to provide some cover). The linedefs are marked as Impassable, I'm a little lost as to why these aren't working. 


Any and all constructive feedback is appreciated :)





a-test-wad v0.1.zip

a-test-wad v0.2.zip

Edited by bumcheekcity : Adding updated WAD

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I love to play these types of maps but there are a few things to keep in mind...


* There must be BFG if there are no internal fights, otherwise the map becomes heavy.

* The decoration is important to avoid monotony.

* Internal fights are important in these types of maps.

* There must be a way out.


I liked the map, but always seeing the same color without variations bored me. Many people do not like this type of maps, I recommend that the "disguises" better So you don't lose interest after shooting 30 minutes with bazooka. These mistakes They happened to me when I just started editing in DoomBuilder, with time you improve. Plis google traductor


I show you some of my levels to guide you. I hope they help




This is a map that is very heavy and difficult. It is almost the same difficulty as chillax





My english is sad >.<


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A test wad


Ultra-violence || Zandronum || Vanilla



Deaths → 0

Saves → none














This map, without a doubt, came loaded with a lot of action and adrenaline, I really enjoyed it very well, and although I was sometimes bothered by the sudden drops in health that certain enemies gave me, the reality is that with everything presented, in truth that you get to enjoy it very well. Great job you have done in what you have progressed on this map, and I will give my brief recommendations or points of view that will surely help you, or so I hope.


►First of all, it is quite good that you have added many soulspheres throughout the tour before the part where the door is, although it would be much better if you got to place at least one Mega-Armor halfway, and not just see present that vest after the Archviles confrontation to go to the other room where he is found.


►Place enough boxes of ammunition from another type of weapon, and not only for the Rocket Launcher and the Plasma gun, it would also be of total help, since it is not very enjoyable to come and do backtraking (I think it was written like that) to collect the ammunition of the enemies in previous areas of the map, that gets to make a little unnecessary lengthening for the experience when you see that things are already getting raw.


►Do not place many Pain Elementals to battle, since, it really is quite tedious to come and waste any type of ammunition with those stupid demonic creatures, also that the Cell is not of much help when they come in many groups and you have the Autoaim activated, For this, another type of weapon is required but with the due defect that there is no ammunition for those weapons, and that you are forced only to use the cell weapon to end up battling with all that crap that comes flying in the direction of the marine.


►This is optional, but in the great final area, with those pillars that serve to protect against the attacks of the Revenants, it would be very interesting if you put two Spidermaster minds as final bosses to conclude with all that massacre that has been done along the way. throughout all that journey that has been spent with the Marine.


At the moment those are my only things that I could recommend for your Wad, the rest for the moment is fine, I just hope it is not a big problem for you many of the things I have said, and without more to add ... I hope you can make one great update on this wad, buddy, good luck.

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Thank you both for playing, and your helpful comments. And yes, Ghost, your English is fine - and far better than my Spanish! Thanks especially for your video - it was interesting seeing how differently you played it the first time round compared to how I assumed people would play! 


I've taken your advice on board - I'll add some more rocket ammo more evenly spread out through the level to allow you to switch more easily between rocket/plasma after you get the new gun, and more evenly distribute health and armor. I'm going to play through your Singularity.wad myself to get more of an idea about design - I'm making the post-BFG part of the level now, and it definitely looks better than the initial outdoor area. 


I'll post an update soon!

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I'm posting an update! Quite a big update, there's a BFG now, and a lot more enemies. 


I've decided on a theme - after the dark area with the chaingunners and spider mastermind you drop into a large central hub area. Here, you'll be drawn round it anticlockwise to pick up the three keys from the top of a mountain (which I've built), from a modern blue-themed base, and down into hell (the last two of which I haven't started). There are drawn arrows on the ground of the large area which I'll remove - it's virtually completely empty at the moment, so when you get there, kill the hell knights and make your way to the dark mountain region that'll have a bajillion imps flooding out of it. 


I'm getting a little more confident with my designs. A fair few of the earlier rooms are still somewhat boxy, but I've worked on breaking the larger textures up to some success. There's also a few fun little secrets! 

2021-03-22 doom1.PNG

2021-03-22 doom2.PNG

2021-03-22 doom3.PNG

2021-03-22 doom4.PNG

a-test-wad v0.2.zip

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Another update - I've started designing a hell-based section of the map, based on an interpretation of Dante's Inferno (i.e. 9 levels). I've got eight of them, (still need to do trechary, but that might be the pinnacle of the whole map). I've tried to create some differences from each other and give the levels a genuinely different feel to each other. Turn left after the chaingunners in the dark room to enter Limbo, and the rest of hell. 


Monster count is just under 30k, and I'm having a few problems with textures. For example, in Limbo (with the seven-walled castle), the doors aren't appearing properly, but I can't find what I've missed in Doom Builder. 


Hoping people enjoy! Still a long way to go, but I'm having a lot of fun building it. 

a-test-wad v0.3.zip

2021-03-27 doom5.PNG

2021-03-27 doom6.PNG

2021-03-27 doom7.PNG

2021-03-27 doom8.PNG

2021-03-27 doom9.PNG

2021-03-27 doom10.PNG

2021-03-27 doom1.PNG

2021-03-27 doom2.PNG

2021-03-27 doom3.PNG

2021-03-27 doom4.PNG

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Well this looks quite interesting. I like all types of maps, but I especially like slaughter-fest maps. I would definitely give this a try :)

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