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Reeking Of Mordeth

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The Mordeth homepage has been updated with the sad news that the project has been delayed again. No, no one left the team this time, as I think everyone who has ever played Doom has already joined the project and then bailed out. No, this time the time-burglar is really a burglar, as Gaston's computer has been jacked by Dutch gangbangers. This thuggery has resulted in the loss of some of the project data, as the thieves were not kind enough to burn backup CDs and leave them for Mordeth's benefit.

In similar news, Gaston is also looking to get in contact with some of his team members, so if your name is Ola Bjorling, Anthony Soto and Rob Berkowitz, shoot him off an email.

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JoelMurdoch said:

Cute Ling, real cute.

I thought it was funny hehe

I mean, not the robbery of course, I'm no heartless bastard.


Please don't kill me and steal my soul, Mord!

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They can think of a better excuse than robbery, right? Like: there never was any project in the first place? Heh heh... I'll show myself out.

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Heh, it's bad enough to have to suffer through a hard drive format, but what really blows is when someone steals your computer. :(

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My sympathies and best wishes to Mordeth. Being a victim of a burglary is an awful thing that leaves the victim insecure, frustrated, and angry. I hope the thieves are caught.

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