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Alestorm - Public demo 1

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Download Here

GZDoom required


Set in an alternative universe where Doomguy was court marshaled and charged with Article 112 of the UCMJ.


No guns, no health, and Mars is being invaded, so what do we do? What Drunkguy knows best! FISTS AND BOOZE! Punch your way out of the demon hoards and drink to regain your health!



These brewskis are all over the place! These are your main bread and butter, and you can still duke it out just fine with one in your right hand! Chug that beer to heal, 10 points a chug, then chuck that empty bottle at some shootable wall or some poor demon.



These demonic powerups are also in the form of booze, but they're way too potent to just drink, you're a high functioning alcohol, not stupid! So how else are you supposed to use them? Why smash them upside your head, you'll be fine I swear! The fumes will still give you a mighty contact high though!Download Here

GZDoom required



This is a super early beta build full of jank and semi-tested balances. Please let me know how things worked out for you. I do plan on expanding the mod further.

Sprite recolor tool: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=232&t=63965

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On 5/24/2021 at 2:14 PM, smeghammer said:

Pirate Metal!!!!!!!!!

Yup! Inspired by the attitude of this band.

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