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Supercharged Triathlon - 3 map speedrun minichallenge!

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Supercharged Triathlon is a casual speedrun challenge that's going to take you about 20 minutes to get through. Building upon Supercharge's randomness-removing qualities, it aims to tickle your 'Gotta go fast!' instincts without as much of a commitment to completion as modern, super-hard, attrition-heavy challenge map sets. The maps are brief, supremely linear but still allow a lot of creative space for optimization to go through efficiently. The health system is modified to be a 'if you get hit twice, you die' model. This re-balancing makes the low-tier encounters very lethal but also very fast to neutralize, so you ideally never have to stop advancing as you blaze through!

There's 3 maps. There's 3 keys on each map. There's 3 weapon pickups. There's 3 tricks, one for each map, iterated in increasing complexity. It's a very simple concept.

Short trailer tells the tale.










1. If you get hit twice, you die.
2. Pistol starts mandatory. Set it on in the Supercharge Options. Assault Rifle instead of Chaingun as well.
3. No jump/ No crouch, No free aim.
4. Set screen wipe to instant, you'll die a lot.
5. Put on a visible time counter so you know if you want to keep the level run before triggering the exit.
6. Bind a key of your choice to 'kill' if you'd like to quickly restart a level run.
7. Default GZDoom compatibility. Going over enemies and props blocking enemy shots matter for this.

I look at this like a minigame. The challenge I'd like to put forth is for people to only add up their Total Time when they beat these three levels and submit that in this thread. It doesn't matter how many times you die in-between until you get your exit, it only matters what your total time across the winning run of all 3 maps is. Total time is displayed under par on the win screens, so be careful to not mash through the level 3 exit stats screen if you think you got a good time.

The par times are real, and balanced against UV Max. I'd love it if people submitted videos or just their times for killing everything in these 3 maps and making it out alive. 

Level 1 par is 1 minute.
Level 2 par is 1 minute.
Level 3 par is 2 minutes.
4 Minutes in total.
If you score under the 4 minute mark, you've won this little doom game!

How hard could it be?

Mediafire Mirror

If people like this format, I'll probably make more. After a triathlon there's a pentathlon and ultimately a decathlon, right? Furthermore, the Supercharge fork (kindly made by Tango) included in the pk3 is open to anyone who wants to map for this format. Doom becomes quite a different game once attrition is excised and every single enemy projectile could mean death. 

Feel free to ask anything or provide feedback for this map set. I'm always grateful for the interest and eager to learn new things.

Edited by Helm

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hell yeah, this is an awesome little set :D so glad to see you releasing this!

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Thank you so much for all the help and encouragement, Tango. I'll repay the kindness in due time :)

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Thank you for the kind words, Destro. Have you tried to go sub 4?

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2 hours ago, Helm said:

Thank you for the kind words, Destro. Have you tried to go sub 4?

Not yet, I'm not really good at the speed thing so no I haven't gone sub 4

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