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15 YEARS A DOOMER Mapping Contest - HIGHLIGHT REEL VIDEO UP! (pg. 7)

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Name: Baphomet's Lab

Map Format: UDMF

Ports Tested: GZDoom

Build Time: Bit short of 15 hours

Textures: Doom2, Jimmytex

Requirements: Jump/Crouch/Mouselook to you heart's desire.


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4 minutes ago, Piranha Fang UGC said:

Is allowed to modify enemies and guns? y'know, gameplay mods, mine uses dehacked so it's not very game changing


Yep, go ahead and modify base assets.

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Still finding broken monster spawns. Made some minor adjustments to balance. This is the last hotfix, so I hope I got everything. It is what it is now. 

The Never.rar

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OK First post on DoomWorld



Map Format: Doom

Ports Tested: GZDoom  (definitely doesn't work in PRBoom+ and I've run out of time)

Build Time: 15 Hours (wish I had more)

Textures: JimmyTex + Some I've created myself (including a title pic so no warping :D )

External PWADs: JimmyTex

Requirements: Jumping/crouching/freelook permitted but not required (hopefully won't break it if you do)


Edit: First time ever using UDB and Slade. Probably lost half the time accidentality cancelling linedefs :D

Sorry it's missing detailing and there's some slightly off texturing around but I hit the time limit so had to leave it.


Edit: Little synopsis. Cheese sale's on and Doom Guy's in a rush. Nuff said.


WAD https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tdjRdyEPXxc__hLAbp-Ed2cZyVJ189Mu/view?usp=sharing


Not a spoiler. here's the title screen pic.



Edited by NeilJohnRips

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Hey Jimmy, did you receive the fixed version of my submission? Just need to know.

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Name: Dryer Dryer Demons
Map Format: UDMF
Ports Tested: GZDooM
Build Time: ~14 Hours
Textures: None
External PWADs: None
Requirements: Everything is allowed, but I don't think you can skip anything with it, it's just for funsies.

This is a re-make of a map I made called "Dry Dry Demons", which sucked, but I thought the concept of going around a vast desert in search of keys was cool.

I wanted to make sure this map wasn't NEARLY as bad as the original, so I opted to get lots of feedback, thank you people!


See if you can find the super secret ;)

Dryer Dryer Demons.zip

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Name: The Imp
Map Format: Boom
Ports Tested: PRBoom+ 2.6
Build Time: around 13 hours
Textures: jimmytex, my own
External PWADs: none

Requirements: No jumping, freelook, or crouching needed

Music: Gatorade Nightmare by James Padock (Jimmy)


Edited by Glowylikesdoom

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Name: Yokai Woods
Map Format: UDMF
Ports Tested: GZDoom 4.5.0
Build Time: around 10-11 hours
Textures: jimmytex, couple textures from Shadow Warrior (1997)
External PWADs: none
Requirements: Jumping/Crouching allowed but not mandatory
Music: Thrashy Trash (WIP name) by Joshua "Dragonfly" O'Sullivan and me

Not a long map, but there's a surprise for Jimmy in a secret. :V


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Name: Sweettoothed Brimstone

Map Format: UDMF
Ports Tested: LZDoom, GZDoom
Build Time: about 13½ hours
Textures: Obv jimmytex.wad and a modified Sunlust skybox
External PWADs: jimmytex.wad
Requirements: No jumping, crouching, freelooking

Had to prepare for an exam simultaniously, so it's a bit unpolished. Hope you still enjoy it <3




In case anyone's still playing through these, I published an updated version of my map, feel free to leave your feedback there:


Edited by C3ntralPr0cessing : Positivity!

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Name: Dark Flow
Map Format: Boom
Ports Tested: GZDoom
Build Time: 15
Textures: Jimmy myself and CC4-text
Requirements: No Jumping/crouching.  Freelook permitted
Midi: Jimmy


Inspired by the flow of the universe and the fractal like symmetries we see at all levels.  Also i really like purple.  Will be making more maps in this style, this is my 3rd map ever.  Thank you for playing!


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Here's my entry.


Name: Everything Explodes
Map Format: Boom
Ports Tested: DSDA-Doom and GZDoom
Build Time: 15 total work hours. I took a few breaks in between.
Textures: jimmytex and one secret custom texture
Requirements: No Jumping/crouching.  Freelook permitted
Midi: "Everything Explodes" by Jimmy

Comments: The design of this map was inspired by the name of a Jimmy MIDI. Can get pretty difficult.



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Am I still can send my level even before the stream ?


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Name: CMYK
Author: Enterim
Map Format: Boom
Ports Tested: PrBoom+ -complevel 9, Eternity, GZDoom
Build Time: 12-15 hours
Textures: 3 flats and 3 textures from jimmytex.wad
External PWADs: n/a
Requirements: No jumping or crouching. Mouselook is permitted but not required.


Built between March 23-28, 2021, in Doom Builder X and SLADE.
Easy/Medium/Hard balancing included; single-player only.
Music: "CMYK" by Enterim


The MIDI is a custom creation for this WAD, included as a D_RUNNIN lump but I will bundle the MIDI file as well.


This is my first attempt at mapping since a disastrous 2-hour speedmap in 2014, and the only non-speedmap I've ever tried to create. I spent a few extra hours learning how to use Doom Builder X and SLADE that I'm not including in build time; inexperience surely accounts for at least half of the stated 12-15 hour build time.


The visual theme is CMYK - cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. The main theme is high contrast: the visuals, music, and gameplay alike alternate between ambience and high intensity.


The photosensitive should be aware that this map contains flashing, high-contrast lights. The flashes are no more frequent than 2 Hz, but nonetheless keep this in mind if you suffer from photosensitivity issues.












CMYK by Enterim.zip

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God, is it really 5AM? Work tomorrow is gonna suck.

Name: Help, I'm Trapped In A Barrel Factory

Map Format: Boom

Ports Tested: PrBoom+UM (the latest Git build), GZDoom x64 4.4.2, Eternity 4.02.00

Build Time: About 14 hours, with a far bit of that not actually working on the WAD

Textures: jimmytex.wad with a few flats borrowed from 32in24-tex.wad (itself based on the CC4 texture pack I believe?)

External PWADs: jimmytex.wad; all other custom assets are inside the WAD

Requirements: For the love of God, do not crouch; if you do that and ride the conveyor belt, you will end up in an inescapable area designed to destroy barrels. Jumping isn't intended either. Neither are disabled because I don't have time to make several MAPINFO lumps.

Link: Dropbox



No screenshots I'm afraid, I'm too tired.

I'm not entering this for the money, TBH, I just wanna be a part of another thing. Basically I took an idea for a map I had for Fork in the Road - to create a DeHackEd Thing that endlessly spawns barrels and then ferry them throughout a map - and decided to put it to the test, limiting players to a shotgun and chaingun and intending them to use the explosive barrels to deal with the higher-tier enemies (of which there are several). Some of these encounters really work, some don't (the Archvile after the red key needs a rethink, and the Hell nobles are WAY tankier wrt barrels than I expected they would be). I might revisit this concept for Fork, but for now, this is wholly original to this contest.

I did about as much difficulty balancing as I felt was necessary (though the only difference in difficulty options is how hot you'd like your start). There might still be bugs hiding, but I was able to complete it with 100% kills and secrets (with savescumming admittedly), so there's that. Also the only really Jimmy thing about this is the MIDI, but surely that's the most Jimmy thing that could be a Jimmy thing.

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Name: Void Hydroprocessing

Map Format: Boom, w/ UMAPINFO

Ports Tested: GLBOOM

Build Time: 7 hours consecutively (I am very tired)

Textures: jimmytex.wad, jenesis.wad

External PWADs: Doom 2

Requirements: No jumping and crouching


I had this big plan with custom assets and everything but uh... I had 3 exams and was stuck in the car two days this week...
So here's a straight-forward Boom map with Jimmy tricks thrown in! I really don't care about the money I'm just more proud of myself for being able to make a map for this at all more than anything.


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Name: Syrupy Bass Base

Map Format: Boom

Ports Tested: prboom+ 2.6um

Build Time: 14.9999999 hours (extra for the midi)

Textures: Jimmytex

External PWADs: n/a

Requirements: complevel 9? beatable without freelook, crouching, jumping etc.




my tack on this was a tribute to Jimmy's process - mapped out a bunch of shapes on an a4 grid pad before I opened the builder <3

mid file is called "Lick Fingers Between Pages", credit as Zan-zan-zawa-veia

good luck to everyone! and happy 15th anniversary to Jimmy!

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Map Format: Doom

Ports Tested: Crispy Doom 5.10.0, ZDoom 2.8.1

Build Time: Around 8 to 15 Hrs, I procrastinate so much during build time, making it dificult to track down the estimated time.

Textures: FreeDoom, Wolfenstein 3d & jimmytex

External PWADs: Jimmytex.wad of course

Requirements: the only requirement you need to do is TURN DOWN THE VOLUME, I didn't have time to edit the volume of some sounds and they sound too loud, especially the chaingunner's (i haven't merge the .deh file with the .wad file so you have to drag both to your doom source port to play)


Comments: Now i know how game devs feel after working with deadlines, i shouldn't have procrastinated as mush as i did, but here it is, shorter than i wanted, but it's here, the map is heavely inspired by games like Metal Slug & Action Doom, the RAR file comes with both a .deh and a .wad file, which can be use for complete vanilla source ports.


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The deadline said today was the last day, but you also said you were streaming the submissions today, so I don't know if you meant they were do by midnight last night

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You have just under 4 hours left to submit - deadline is in the OP, complete with countdown link.


Thanks for your submissions guys! I counted and we're up to 32. Might have to split the stream up!

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23 minutes ago, Jimmy said:

I counted and we're up to 32. Might have to split the stream up!


Oh, I see.

What order are you gonna play the submissions in? Alphabetical or date submitted?

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Ok, I've spent way too long testing this over and over, only to make the bare minimum of changes as I've no idea how much of 15 hours I've used and don't want to cheat. Drawing a line under it now as I'll probably be late otherwise...




Name: Eternal Inspiration
Map Format: Boom
Ports Tested: Eternity Engine 4.00.00, GZDoom 4.4.2, prboom+, ZDoom 2.8.1
Build Time: ~15 hours
Textures: Selected from jimmytex.wad and Mek's Box o' Skies
External PWADs: None required
Requirements: No jumping or crouching - freelook recommended, but probably not required


When I think "Jimmymap", I think relatively welcoming, generic Doom II key hunt speed maps. Enjoyable pop-corn for the masses (possibly my favourite type of Doom). As we were given 15 hours, rather than 2, I figured I could do a reasonable job of capturing that feel with some polish/ambition. Music is the "Into the Beast's Belly (Extended)" MIDI by Jimmy, as I'm a big fan of the original and have intended to find a use for this for some time. Sky is from Mek's Box o' Skies, so credit to Mechadon. Some inspiration was taken from Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part 2. Specifically the Reclaimed Earth map. I've packaged everything together to get it to run more reliably in non-ZDoom ports, so no external WAD requirements.


Acknowledgements to my girlfriend, for encouraging me to get back on the mapping wagon, and Big Ol' Billy, Biodegradable and glenzinho for testing a rather harsh first draft and encouraging me to make it a bit more digestible!


Known Bug:
EE reports a load of missing textures in the console because I copied the Boom ANIMATED and SWITCHES lumps from jimmytex.wad, but only the textures and flats I actually used. This does no harm to the map.

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had absolutely no time to do anything, so i guess ill try another time at the 30 year doomiversary lmao

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37 minutes ago, reverie said:

had absolutely no time to do anything, so i guess ill try another time at the 30 year doomiversary lmao

rip man, atleast you tried

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Name: Screams from the Slipgate Station

Map Format: UDMF

Ports Tested: GZDoom 4.5.0

Build Time: 12 hours

Textures/Resources: Ukiro (OTEX sky), Tango (Supercharge trees/groundfire), Tormentor667 (custom monster), Jimmy (midi)

External PWADs: Jimmytex

Requirements: Jumping/crouching/freelook not required but totally fine.

Recommended: Hardware renderer, and dynamic lights.


The map is a rather direct homage to one of yours (hopefully you know which one!).









Edited by RonnieJamesDiner

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Just 2 hours to go! I'm curious to see how many 2-hour speedmaps we can reel in. :)

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@Jimmy Sadly I'm not gonna get it done by deadline. 



And I'm not gonna skip class just to try and complete a speedmap that I wouldn't even get done in time anyway.


If you're open to have it be in the stream list but not actually include it in the judging, then I'd be happy to wrap it up by midnight.

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I was busy, so I started 4 hours before the deadline. I never even tried to make a Square map before, but I got something done!


Name: This Floor Is Also Lava
Map Format: UDMF
Ports Tested: GZDoom 4.2
Build Time: 3 hours or so

IWAD: The Adventures of Square



I had a bunch of more ideas, like a couple of custom weapons and a homage to a certain barrel, but I had to scale it down. I'm pretty satisfied with this in the end! I didn't think I was gonna make it at all.


My initial idea was completely unrelated - I was going to copy a whole bunch of map sections from Deathless and Jenesis (with some creative spin on them, but also in a way that makes it obvious they were copied)... and then make some important doors or switches invisible, so that it requires familiarity with the original maps to succeed. That could've been really fun! But I never got around to it, and besides, I haven't even played most of Jenesis. It wouldn't feel sincere to pay homage to something I'm barely even familiar with... so in the end, I ended up referencing something much more directly relevant to me. And here it is!

Edited by Scypek2

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