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Need a graphics wad

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I dont know if this belongs in the wads and mods forum. If it does, I apologize.

Ok, I give up. I have been trying very hard to understand how to use Wintex to import textures into my own wad with no success. I have learned, however, to merge wads. All I need is a simple waterfall texture, like the animated SFall (I think thats what its called) texture, but blue instead of green. However, I cant just replace Sfall or BFall because I will be needing them also. I did manage to find a texture wad at http://doomworld.com/afterglow/textures.shtml but it only had the patches for the waterfall. I then tried renaming these patches to match those used in the Firemag texture (I dont think I'll be needing it anyway) but the theres an empty space left due to differences in width.
So, does anyone know where I can find a texture wad where there's a waterfall type texture that I could just merge with mine. If not, is there an F.A.Q. out there somewhere that will show my how to make all the necessary entries for use with the patches that I have found? I searched as best as I could but any faqs I found either didt deal with textures specifically, or simply werent clear enough for me (yes, I tried searcing Doomworld, as well as the forums). I know Im probably whining too much, but what can I say? I suck.

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