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first, disable third person mode

*types idstopitbitch*

alright, i downloaded the radio ad from romero's site. it fu-king rules. which got me to thinking: has anyone done a radio-show type thing for the internet? you know, get a bunch of people to record their voices, put in sound effects, then relase them as mp3 files on the internet in a series? it'd be cool. if now one's done this then i'm gonna take the challenge. i started writing a script, although i'll have to revise it, as it was written in a short burst of inspiration without proper planning and that never works right.

for a second question, i know somebody made or was making a robocop tc of doom 2, does anyone know where i can find this?

*types idstopitbitch*

thanks for your time.

love live the mancubi

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