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Wadazine Survival Sessions #8: Hellcore

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Wadazine Survival Sessions #8: Hellcore


Hellcore is a 2004 megawad that stood out for being in development for almost a decade, giving it a distinctive touch of modernism combined with classic designs that shine like jewels in the mud. Of course, it is also recognized for winning the Mordeth Award under interesting circumstances. A megawad in which we are presented with a mixed bag of work in terms of reception, but one that will undoubtedly entertain us through a journey from 1995 to 2004. Ready to join us in this new survival adventure?


American Session:

- March 27th Saturday.

- 8:30 PM/20:30 GMT-6 / CST


- PWAD: Hellcore

- Ultra-Violence only doom-guy-59c95c9a5a880.png

- 3 Lives for each player.


Server Info:

- Zandronum Zandronum.png

- WSS #8: Hellcore

- Password: corehell

- Player limit: 10 Players.

- Hosts: @Gaia74 & @Endless


» Scoreboard «


Join the Wadazine community for more events! » https://discord.gg/Q2RKn4J


Previous sessions:

Edited by Endless : lol I got the dates wrong

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