==== NOW UPDATED TO VERSION 1.1 (AND WITH UPDATED PHOTOS AS WELL !) ====   WHAT'S NEW : Fixed a missing texture in the Slime Bridge section of the map, as well as another (potential ?) one at the North Red Key gate; Tweaked a little bit some textures; Added even more enemies to enhance the difficulty, and balance the game more towards a onslaught-type focus; Changed / replaced some enemy placements to spice up said difficulty; No more fodder enemies such as Former Humans ! They are now much less present in the map, and are replaced by Imps most of the time to reinforce the "demonic presence" feel; Changed the BFG's "normal" (not accounting for the secret one) placement, putting it before the final boss. Now, you will have to work a bit harder (and fight ennemies) to get it !; Modified the Spiral Staircase section so that enemies can now fight you in a less humiliating way; Added a mid-section boss. I won't tell where he is, so open your eyes (or progress normally through the map)... Also fixed the triggering line that I hadn't properly set (woopsie); Edited the WAD in SLADE to re-incorporate the TITLESCREEN, CREDITS and SKYBOX textures that were missing, as well as the ending intermission message (I swore they were here though); Moved some Floor Lamps so that the Spectres behind them wouldn't be accidentally blocked. Changed drastically the weapon progression of the map : you can now access the Rocket Launcher, Super Shotgun and Chaingun without the required Blue Key. Additionally, more ammo was added to lessen the scarcity effect; Fixed a potential soft-locking issue within the Computer Room : the Blue Key will now be directly accessible on the floor, without having to press the switches, and the trigger line for activating the platforms hosting the Hell Knights is now related to walking rather than pressing.   ==================================================   Hello there, fellow Doom builders !   Today, I submit my Single-map WAD, called The City of Dread, to this website ! Ignore the shitty title screen, I have no skills in graphic design :(   ==================================================   "Long ago, in a distant land,
Rumors grew of a long-lost city, filled with riches, abandoned by its inhabitants to the fierce hunger of a demonic presence.   As the years passed by, several expeditions and attempts at human reoccupation were met with nothing but bloody failures.
And so, everyone though the city by itself was cursed, doomed to remain at the grasp of the creatures living within its walls.   Until the day when you, of all warriors and adventurers of this land, made the bold claim of prepping an expedition to vanquish all threats and plunder the city of its riches. No one dared counter you nor stop you, but no one sought to take part in it either.   Alone, with a trusty pistol and your wits by your side, you make the steps towards the fabled city. Finding it facing the sea, you ponder about entering it, when you are suddenly, and forcibly, transported within its walls.   You have now entered the desmene of the wicked, of the dead. The desmene of the demonic forces whom made it home.   Prepare yourself, mighty warriors, for a bloody struggle for life is about to unfold."     ===================   This WAD is compatible with GZDoom, but also with any game-modifying PK3 ranging from Brutal Doom to High Noon Drifter, Beautiful Doom and so on (although, be careful : some Doom Engine WAD files such as Neo-Core seem to override the title screen and skybox textures for some reason...). Jumping, Crouching and Mouselook are allowed. No custom assets were used during the making of this WAD. Only vanilla textures, flats, objects and monsters. It also features a small, optionnal custom-made soundtrack available as a MEGA link, composed of synthwave tracks legally acquired and/or purchased. You can find the artists behind the tracks, and a link to each of their Bandcamp page in the README file. Please support them as well !     =================== Thanks in advance for your feedback on my WAD, and have fun !   TheCityOfDread1.1.zip https://mega.nz/folder/K91zRY4Y#48ekEJylSUE9OlYu_aANsQ (The soundtrack is slightly heavy in terms of size, which is why I am providing a MEGA link here)   ===================
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