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2 hours ago, thewormofautumn said:

Care to share?

im not him but i would say the channel "underthemayo" is a good place to start

dude has a bunch of videos talking about how to use the weapons, the systems and even the underrated mods like the microwave bean

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2 hours ago, thewormofautumn said:

Care to share?

Under the Mayo makes some fantastic guides on Eternals combat, I recommend checking them out if you want to improve:



There is a shocking amount of depth to Eternal's combat, which is a major reason why I believe many continue to play it today. Even now people are still discovering new techniques and weapons combos. It is defiantly one aspect of the game I love.


I also love the enemy mechanics in Eternal, as many demons have different levels of prioritization based on position, environment, and other AI present. It allows for so many unique and fun combat encounters, while giving most of the bestiary a distinct personality. The greatest improvement to 2016 for me.


Edit: malefico32x you beat me to it just by a little.

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I also don't get the hate against Eternal. I love it, it's such a blast to play. When I first got it and I was going through the first level I remember thinking, it feels a bit slower than 2016, but once you get the dash and meathook you can literally fly across the map.


I loved how it encourages quick switching (something I never messed with in 2016). Fighting the Marauder for the first time where he drained all my 1ups, vs melting the marauder in 2 combos really shows how much better you can get (and I don't consider myself a master by any means, I'm currently on my first Nightmare playthrough).


Love how monsters take visible damage. The first time I shotgunned a zombie I remember being amazed. It's also a cool way to show enemy health status.

The weakpoints are also a nice addition as well. At a certain point you can ignore them but it's a cool way to spice up combat, and the game really makes you rely on taking them out in the early levels.


The weapons are really fun and interesting too. The weapons and mods I used on my first run vs the weapons I use now are very different, the game allows for lots of experimentation and finding out what fits best for you. I never really used remote rockets, micromissles and auto-shotgun on my first run, but now I used them a lot. My favorite weapon has to be the Ballista, great for dishing out damage and taking out weak points.


Amazing music. Great for getting psyched during a work out.


One thing not many people have mentioned, is that I'm amazed at how memorable a lot of the combat encounters are in this game. I've only played it a handful of times but there are still a lot of stand out arenas and incidental fights that I remember. For example the Marauder attacking you right at the beginning of Taras Nabad, the Mancubus in the crashed airplane in Arc Complex, the electrified blood pit in Cultist Base, the arena with 2 barons in Mars Core (etc...). So many cool varied fights. I think this was a major improvement compared to 2016, which I remember as: Lock you in a room, fight a few waves of demons and then repeat. Still fun but very samey.


Like @Duke of Pathoris said, I was hoping for/expecting Doom 2016 part 2, but what we got instead was even better.


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I love the Mobile turret mod way too much and seeing the chaingun having more barrels in Eternal made me like it even more
I also like alot the Heavy cannon's design 

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5 hours ago, Doritos420 said:

Love how monsters take visible damage. The first time I shotgunned a zombie I remember being amazed. It's also a cool way to show enemy health status.

I really hope more games transition from standard health bars towards visible damage indicators, like Eternal. Seeing your enemies physically degrade is so much more immersive and significantly less distracting than tracking a large red bar over their heads. Resident Evil 2 Remake uses body degradation as well and it's great, while Assassin's Creed Valhalla doesn't and it's one the big reasons why I skipped right over it.

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@Cosmos Of Kings Another game that did this was "The Warriors". A lot more rudimentary, they did it by adding cuts and bruises to the character's texture model. Also  it was an actual good game based on a movie (very rare).

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43 minutes ago, Cosmos Of Kings said:

I really hope more games transition from standard health bars towards visible damage indicators, like Eternal. Seeing your enemies physically degrade is so much more immersive and significantly less distracting than tracking a large red bar over their heads. Resident Evil 2 Remake uses body degradation as well and it's great, while Assassin's Creed Valhalla doesn't and it's one the big reasons why I skipped right over it.

it feels like an evolution of quake 2 and i love it

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48 minutes ago, Cosmos Of Kings said:

I really hope more games transition from standard health bars towards visible damage indicators, like Eternal. Seeing your enemies physically degrade is so much more immersive and significantly less distracting than tracking a large red bar over their heads. Resident Evil 2 Remake uses body degradation as well and it's great, while Assassin's Creed Valhalla doesn't and it's one the big reasons why I skipped right over it.

It's also a great means of conveying wether your attacks are doing effective damage or not. For example: If you shoot the front of a pinky, or the body of a maykr drone/ blood maykr, no bits fly to convey the idea that you aren't damaging them much. But flesh on the back of a pinky can be shot off, and maykr heads explode when hit with a strong enough attack.

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A lot of people know me for classic doom but I absolutely love Doom Eternal. It probably has the best combat of any game I've ever played, not including Doom 2 wads. I absolutely loved TAG 1 and TAG 2 is really good too. The master levels are amazing as well. I honestly hope they just keep cranking DLC and master levels because the game as it stands is amazing. I don't know how they can even top it in a sequel.


I agree what OP said about the sentiment about Doom Eternal here on doomworld. When TAG 2 first came out, you would go to the Doom Eternal section and see thread after thread of people complaining that it sucked. There was a lot of good criticism granted, but there seemed to be a really loud minority of people who pretty much hated it without giving any reason and said that the ending to the story ruined their life or some shit.


Personally I loved the ending. Sure the story has plot holes, but I think it's cool. If anything, it gives an excuse for id software to craft these insane levels in never-before seen environments.

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One thing i noticed about mechs in Eternal is how they come in two genres that are usually common in media: ARC mechs are more "tactical" while Sentinel feel like "characters".


Also, has anyone seen the new Plasma Powered event?

That Revenant skin is so cool, i hope it becomes an actual enemy type in something.


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Doom Eternal has fantastic art detection, diverse locations, tight controls and satisfying combat. It may be a linear affair, but it's also some of the most fun I've had in the entire series.

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DE has had a constant place on my HD since release day. Gorgeous, metal AF, and just a blast to play, once you've got the ropes down.

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Hope these bosses variants are used in something, be it Master Levels or Horde Mode.

Yes, there's that DHunter gold mod but i mean something official.

The fire floor concept is genius.

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Since I've noticed that most of the disdain towards Doom Eternal is actually towards TAG2 as opposed to the base game or even TAG1, I think much of my post will talk mainly about TAG2.


(And by disdain, I don’t mean anything like “it’s ok” or “meh” or anything like that, I mean people absolutely loathed TAG2 as in they had nothing but absolute hatred for it. You’d think that this kind of vitriol came from like the newer Doom franchise fans whose first game was like 2016, but no, the angry mobs primarily consisted of like the longtime Doom veterans. And in all honesty, it’s like really far from the worst thing to come out of the Doom franchise.)


Real talk: I enjoyed both 2016 and Eternal’s story (DLC and all), but I seriously can’t buy into the idea that 2016’s story was somehow good enough for Eternal to somehow betray it.

And not only that, I really do want to applaud id for really taking things up to 11 with the Sentinels and the Maykrs instead of just pushing things like “Samuel Hayden is in fact now the leader of a demon-worshipping cult” or “the Slayer makes a deal with the devil to get Daisy back in exchange for Earth to be devoured”.


At first, I did say that TAG2 felt way too easy compared to TAG1, but it's always felt like the greatest hits of the base game in regards to difficulty. As time went on, I've noticed that I would frequently come back to TAG2 way more often than TAG1 because I would actually feel drained after certain encounters in the latter (glaring at pre-patch Holt) to the point of having to take frequent breaks, whereas with most of the former I would still feel alert and ready to take on the next encounter. I think that might've been a big factor as to why I even managed to beat TAG2 on Ultra-Nightmare (and on the first go, no less).


Not only that, the level design for TAG2 feels about as good as it can get (especially with the World Spear and especially especially with Reclaimed Earth, which I think hits all of the sweet spots for me). Hell, even Immora has a ton of love and care put into it, especially with how the titular city itself is designed (plus all the things flying around in it); plus Immora serves as a nice contrast to Urdak (Immora's "oppressive, busy, and hyper-industrialized" vs Urdak's "open and serene, yet dystopian").


As for the extra enemies, I can definitely say that they serve their purpose well.
Screechers make sure to have you exercise more restraint with your arsenal and to be creative with your less explosive options (or provide an extra challenge if you so desire). Armored Barons know how to pressure the player and can be easily taken care of once their armor is removed (and part of the thrill of taking them out is their armor regeneration). Stone Imps force you to react as quickly as you can because they can easily wreck you if you're careless. Riot Soldiers were never quite the complete pushovers a lot of people make them out to be, as their rapid-fire and invincible shield can cause you to relocate to another location unless you've got an explosive handy (and even so, you have to make sure you're actually hitting them and not their shield). And after a recent patch, Demonic Troopers are no longer the complete pushovers they used to be and could essentially be the spiritual successors to Former Humans (right down to the Soldier death sounds they make once they keel over).


As for the story, I think that I might as well have a hot take regarding that (spoilered due to spoilers, of course):



The demons lost their menace as far back as 2016.


And if anything, Davoth being revealed as the real God rather than just the Devil actually gave the legions of Hell their menace back (plus Eternal as a whole worked to restore that menace).


The funny thing is, while everyone complained about how TAG2 "humanized Hell too much", an integral part of that whole "Hell is an unknowable eldritch terror" is that the endless hordes of demons could be seen as this force of nature that not only takes no prisoners but also is impartial to any and all victims they might take.


And yeah, that was part of what made Doom's version of Hell so fascinating. It was literally on the same level as Event Horizon's version of Hell, a reality that is consumed by so much chaos that it was literally beyond description, let alone comprehension.


And then 2016 came along and pushed the whole "EVEN THE DEMONS FEAR DOOMGUY" plot point, which basically reduced the demons to (literal) punchlines; yes, I know criticizing Doom 2016 in any shape or form is tantamount to blasphemy or whatever. I mean, knowing that this literal force of nature actually has something to fear basically reduced the demons to just being an endless wave of faceless disposable monsters to blow up while some "man behind the curtain" monologues. Not only that, what exactly would the Slayer offer aside from more suffering and pain for the demons (AKA the things they've endured for possibly millennia)?


As for Eternal? The whole "demons are the soulless husks of humans, their souls harvested" does make sense in the context of what can be called Doom's Argent Saga, as it's entirely plausible that not every demon was subject to this particular fate.

Additionally, both "Hell is a living and possibly sentient entity" and "Hell used to be Jekkad" sound contradictory, but it'll be interesting to see how things like that play out. Given the penchant for plot twists, it wouldn't be surprising to see something like "Jekkad was actually the first known realm to be conquered by Hell".

And on a side note, the whole "Mysterious voice in Urdak actually being the Dark Lord" might've been more of an artifact of an earlier draft of TAG's story rather than any kind of 11th-hour plot change which is why Hugo Martin kept saying that the mysterious voice being the Dark Lord was actually a mistake.
Case in point, recorded lines from the base game that went unused had things like the Seraphim being referred to as "the Progenitor" and Urdak being referred to as "Maykrland". That's just kind of a quirk of development, and the canonicity of these elements should be taken with a massive grain of salt.

Not only that, if the Father (AKA VEGA, the omniscient good guy) decided to not be entirely truthful with us, then what was stopping the Dark Lord from fudging the truth on his end as well? And if the Dark Lord was "the first being", what was he "the first being" of? And what of the Wraiths, who are implied to be even more powerful than the Maykrs?
It certainly didn't help that the Father might have been the one to essentially pack up the Slayer like a piece in a board game, nor that Davoth was pretty much blinded by rage against the Maykrs and only wanted to see them eradicated from all of existence (and literally nothing else).

All in all, the reveal of Davoth and his role wasn't even done in the vein of "the Devil is back muahahaha" so much as more of a curtain call for this particular chapter of the Doom franchise.


There's always going to be more of Hell to explore, especially since it's been only temporarily contained (and we still have yet to meet the Archdemons). And apparently, we have yet to explore the Lovecraftian, the non-euclidian, or even the truly fucked-up sections of Hell.

Either way, there's always the next chapter to look forward to.


Anyway, I think that sums up my thoughts.

Edited by Man of Doom

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I feel like some criticisms towards Doom can be a result of people making it "more epic" than it actually is.

Specially with stuff like "Doomguy is cooler than Master Chief and Samus and Dante and..." and memes about how heavy metal it is.

So some reactions to some stuff can be attributed to that.


I also thought 2016 had some things that Eternal "increased" and i feel like some people didn't notice.

Some criticisms towards Eternal feel like some people wanting to point out why something "feels wrong" but don't articulate it well.

It's like i said about the git gud part being composed of former casual games that never played something more obscure than a COD game; they're trying to surpass that "normie gamer" status but haven't reached a higher level of literacy/knowledge/vocabolary/etc so it's like a weird middle ground.

Specially compared to Demon Souls fans doing a better job explaining why they think the BluePoint remake looks off.


Maybe headcanons factor into this but it's Doom, so of course it would.

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I remember seeing concept art of the cancelled Quake 4 expansion and saw a recurring design that reminded me of the Carcass.


The recurring elements being eyewear, arms replaced by "tools", stitches on a fat body and the cyberlegs.

May not seem much because the Carcass seems like "just Strogg in general" but still.

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On 10/19/2021 at 1:42 AM, Man of Doom said:

At first, I did say that TAG2 felt way too easy compared to TAG1, but it's always felt like the greatest hits of the base game in regards to difficulty. As time went on, I've noticed that I would frequently come back to TAG2 way more often than TAG1 because I would actually feel drained after certain encounters in the latter (glaring at pre-patch Holt) to the point of having to take frequent breaks, whereas with most of the former I would still feel alert and ready to take on the next encounter. I think that might've been a big factor as to why I even managed to beat TAG2 on Ultra-Nightmare (and on the first go, no less).



Thats what i dislike about TAG1, its not as it is too hard, it makes you feel exhausted.

Its more as you are at work after a looong Day and five Minutes before Closer enters an annoying Customer.

Not that you can't handle it, but its exhausting and annoying.

Even Hugo Martin recognized that, what lead into separate the Fights in the Arenas.


Still love the Main Game.

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Not sure I'm ready to give The Holt another try anytime soon (still having nightmares of Samur's spirit-buffed Pain Elemental), but UAC Atlantica is a fun romp, and Blood Swamps is a contender for my favorite Eternal level ever, DLC or otherwise.


TAG2 being easier didn't bother me too much personally, since it felt nice to not get stomped as hard for the story's conclusion and get frustrated with frequent deaths during the epic charge on Immora. But if you're like me and keep forgetting to use the hammer, the challenge is certainly still there (as Reclaimed Earth taught me). And as some reviewers have pointed out, the Screechers are a very nice bit of design in that they act as another difficulty slider of sorts for that DLC. Trying to keep things on the easier side? Better not set them off. Looking for a greater challenge? Fire away and get ready for a dance with buffed demons. So if anything I would say TAG2 can be as hard as 1, but only if you want it to be, and I appreciate having that kind of choice.

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Was thinking of cool new ideas for the series and thought of "floating blocks of water that you can swim through" and how some could be placed close to walls and surfaces.

Then i thought of the "Moses splitting the red sea" story and how that could inspire a set piece in a level, with you being able to swim those water walls to look for pick ups hidden in the water.

Like a linear path with water by the sides, but still with occasional combat and all.


Also, if Immora hints at demons that are more human-like, that could be an excuse to bring the female D64 cut demon.

That one concept art of the Dark Lord with knight armor made me think that could work as a Doom equivalent of Goliath: a tall humanoid demonman knight.

More human-like demons can be seen as related to designs like the classic Lost Soul but also seen as more excuse for weirdness like "corruption of the human form" sort of stuff.

Like a humanoid with weird limbs or features so it's never pure human.

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I love lots of things from DOOM Eternal even if it has its flaws. It's the game that made me get in the Doom Franchise


The first thing it's its gameplay. I really love the fast-paced combat and being separated by lots of demons. It's really fun, it makes me feel badass and that I play as the boss. I also love switching between weapons and doing combos with them. Fighting demons while being in thin air is pretty awesome and the best parts are the glory kills. I really, really, really love glory kills.


The second it's the OST. The in-game version is kinda trash but the ones who are mixed by Mick Gordon himself and other Doom fans (Koma for example) make them sound awesome. Tracks like Meathook, Cultist Base, Gladiator, Super Gore Nest, The Only Thing They Fear Is You etc are the best tracks I've ever heard in the metal genre in my opinion. Even TAG I & II had amazing tracks even if they weren't made by Mick Gordon. Andrew Hulshult and David Levy are legends as well


The third is the protagonist himself. I know that many people don't like all the demigod stuff but man, it makes him sound pretty badass. For example, when someone says to him "you can't do that", he does it anyway. He is something more than God, he is revenge, he is the fate of the demons, he is DOOM. Also, Doom Slayer looks more badass than Doomguy in my opinion (even if they're the same person)


The fourth are the weapons and the maps. I really like the meathook sticked to the SGG, it makes me feel like I'm Spiderman flying around in the city. The comeback of the Unmakyr is amazing since it's my favourite weapon from DOOM 64. The crucible looks good and again, the glory kills are my favourite lmao. About the maps, they look even better than Doom 2, it actually feels like Hell on Earth and the Icon of Sin is actually a boss instead of the wall. The Blood Swamps tho, so awesome and it's my favourite map in the entire game


There are more stuff I love from this game but I'm not listing them all. Sorry if it's too long and have a nice day

Edited by Teo Slayer

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Something that i think is underrated in the fanbase side of things is both A: Fanmade demons/monster for Eternal (like how people did it for classic Doom and its mods or even just fan designs in fanart) and B: Attempts at resurrecting concept art/unused designs/demons, specially in case id Soft never uses some stuff.

So it's fans either bringing something cool to life or showing how there's a lot that can still be done with modern Doom to keep it fresh. (and expand its universe)

What i mean could be material for a sole thread or even an article or video (from someone else, not me haha) but here's what comes to mind:

* Aggronize did a design for the Screecher that turns it into a demonic nun.

* "Evolution" of the D64 PE with 3 mouths by GRUB LORD. (he also did MineCraft creatures in the style of Doom Eternal)

* LeoSaurusR3x Once did a Super Marauder, based on an official design from concept art and made it into a 3D model.

* Wad overdose made some sprites on that "share your sprites" thread where some were based off fanmade Eternal monsters by Nate Welch/jw_art. (Nate even goes on detail about how his designs can play)(Wad overdose also did some cancelled Doom 4 stuff in that thread too)

* FooSarr made a bunch of videos about concepts he thinks could work in Doom Eternal or Doom in general and one he made about an "ogre demon" was inspired by that Sentinel golem creature from that one Sentinel army concept art.

* FooSarr's ogre demon concept video also used art from akuma-matata/Rafael Ramos Jansson as reference, who made a lot of art about Eternal demon concepts he came up with.

* Cromsferatu made that one purple slime Chaingunner (who changed it a bit because of UnderTheMayo) and someone on r/Doom called anotherweirdo-online did both another Eternal Chaingunner and a take on Doom 3's Maggot.

* SterlingFM_ recreated Cromsferatu 's Chaingunner with a 3D model and made a short SFM video with it.

* UnderTheMayo's video on the Cyber-Cacodemon. (i think it lives in KaiserCampaign 2.0 too)

* I just recalled Delta's experiments with his master levels and the Marauder having the spinning burning iron around him.

* Some Eternal mods have custom demon types like the "cursed Pinky" or "fallen angel" based off the Blood Maykr.

* DOOMGUYBOT made a video about unused "gold" variants of the Doom Hunter and Gladiator, one of them was even used in a mod.

Whatever other examples exist could increase this list.


Even if some more complex ideas don't make it in an actual DE mod, i guess there's always Slayer's Testaments for Quake and those Doom backport/legacy style mods (D4V, D4T, D4D, Kar En Tuk, Embers of Armageddon, DE XP, MetaDoom etc), unless some designs need something more than low poly models and sprites.

And only vaguely related but i hope the concept of a Hell Razer having a triple laser beam isn't left in Mighty Doom and seeing Kenneth Scott recreating the Birdman from D3 and what Gregor Punchatz is currently doing with his classic models makes me think id could consider working with them again.

Sort of gives me vibes similar to Doom Delta/Tei Tenga incident, that D64 project from GEC inc with the unused enemies and the D3 Arachnotron in mods like that Phobos one.


I do wonder if someone tried to make enemies out of existing models like the Urdak Archangel floating cross.

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I think i said this before but one reason i kinda like most skins and podiums is because Doom never had a proper Earth, so these new assets almost "expand" the setting or have potential to do so.

If id ever wanted to do more with Hell on Earth, they could use these podiums and such as reference, to make new places or something. (whether it's different stores, locations with purposes or even countries like Japan)

That is if they could break apart certain bits of a podium and make new models/props out of it and come up with some actual new assets to visit different places. (because trying to reuse things can be hard)

I guess enemies wearing these skins could be secret/easter egg enemies but not sure about the Slayer's skins, though some zombies wearing funny outfits could work.

Using podiums to create assets for single player levels probably also means reworking some assets and changing textures that refer to the demons or something, so MC Pain's assets could refer to a made up rapper in the universe and even stuff like the Mullet Slayer podium could refer to some guy's house.

Like how the Hipster Archvile podium is of a caffe place called Hell's Cup, when on Earth, it would be called something else. (unless you justify this by saying Hell corrupted Earth or that most people became devoted to Hell like the UAC... or just some tongue-in-cheek joke from the story and an unfortunate coincidence before the invasion)


Meanwhile the Plasma Revenant is like an actual potential enemy with a new role that fits the main setting.


And Le Manc could inspire like an underwater segment where Doomguy swims to find a pirate ship.


I think even unused Bob Ross skin could lead to like an art class room on Earth. (wonder if the reason this set didn't show up was because of how some companies used Bob Ross' image lately, even though this set wouldn't be disrespectful as that Montain Dew ad or the NFT/Funko Pop mess)


Also, i noticed there's a bit of a "genius" behind the Archvile's fire lake attack, which is when he uses it when he's not looking at you.

It fits the Doom dance but also serves as a clever inverse to the classic fire pillar attack.

If a new game tries to make a more "old school" Archvile, they could create a versatile version with 2 attacks that serve opposite purposes: one to force the player into cover and the other to force the player out of cover.


edit: in a way, the Pain Elemental dying along with his souls is also an inverse to summoning more upon death.

Imagine 2 types of PE's coexisting and one is actually linked to his summoned souls while the other brings more as one final act of annoyince upon death

Edited by whatup876 : bit more

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I just beat UAC Atlantica Facility in UV and that was an amazing map that threw everthing from the original campaign into a single level with some extra refinement. It was also so long and varied that I swear it could've been broken up into 2 maps like Nekravol was. I think I played that map for a total of 4 hours? So it's insane that I found a 40min playthrough on YT (I haven't watched it yet, though.)


(Looking at what footage I managed to record: maybe it was actually somewhere between 90mins and 2hrs?)

Edited by muizz

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I just beat the game for the first time. I got like halfway through before on Hurt me plenty, but then decided if I was gonna spend the time playing, I might as well try and get decent. So I beat it on NM with no BFG, crucible, or 1ups. Well, except on boss encounters. I used the crucible in that zone you get it and on the icon of sin fight. Still died plenty though. 


I don't understand any of the complaints. It's very difficult, but it gives you a shit ton of tools and if you use them all, I don't think it's unfair. I heard so much shit about the platforming, and it was entirely effortless. I don't think I spent more than 30 seconds the whole game wondering where to go. It's probably more fun than blowing away meaningless fodder zombies tbh.


I think this game has the highest FPS skill cap I've ever seen

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Still working on my first Ultra Nightmare clear of TAG1. I figured since I beat it on Extra Life Mode on Nightmare without dying, I may as well go for UN. I've failed several times, but I am getting closer at least. You really gain a newfound appreciation for just how much this game requires of you when you start going for Ultra Nightmare runs. But also, as @Kute points out, the skill cap on this game is incredibly high. And the gameplay is dynamic enough that you can't just put it down for three months and come back with the same skills. 


I've also noticed that I this game punishes me whenever I start getting complacent in the least---i.e., if I've cleared an area so many times that I already know what to expect, and so I start playing absent mindedly while my thoughts trail off into other things. The minute that happens, I get a rude awakening as the game slaps me in the face. I really respect the game design for being that challenging and well-tailored.

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Oh yea I agree with all that. And even just playing later that day or the next day, I'm useless until I get warmed up. I think you have to be very "busy" to play doom on the high difficulties, constantly doing something, and if you're not operating at 100% speed you're gonna have a hard time

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One thing i like about new doom (and by extention doom 3) is how the world feels alive.


The original doom maps have so little going for then (outside of gameplay of course). there is no soundescape outside of music, and doomguy doesnt even have step sound effects (with may be a good thing considering how fast we go).


All adds up to the maps feeling just like a game level and nothing more... Thats why i like the hell levels the most because they are so abstract and weird that they bounce back and kinda feel...belivable? I can totally buy the maps existing in another world where reality doest make a lot of sense.


For me the best thing about doom 3 and new doom is how their world feels like a real place. With each area having a backstory and a sound escape.


Doom64 was also good at that because most levels were set in medievil buildings inside of hell (and the "quake like" soundtrack), but the first 8 or so maps really lacked that aspect.

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On 12/22/2021 at 8:21 AM, muizz said:

 It was also so long and varied that I swear it could've been broken up into 2 maps like Nekravol was.

Thats one thing im kinda split on games in general.


I feel like longer levels kinda suck... Not that they are terrible but its so easy to get bored while playing them. I 100% all campaigns in shovel knight and i had a blast but i couldint beat shovel of hope on hard


Not because it was hard but because, unlike other characters, shovel knight has no way to speed up without using the relics and even then its kinda clunky to use them.


The levels are also really, really big and they take a long time to complete.


Plague of shadows and specter of torment also had bigger levels but they also had ways to make you go faster.


Especially plague knight man you can so fast with him after you get used to how the bombs work

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