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compiling boom

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I have the latest source for boom, the latest version of djgpp and rhide although I am experiencing some trouble compiling. I know Boom 2.02 isnt supported much these days but was wondering if anyone else had compiled it with any success? I am trying to create custom linedefs and need something readily available to work with.

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The biggest problem with compiling BOOM is that 3 functions in the source that are written with inline assembly, 2 in m_fixed.h and one in r_things.c (I *THINK* -- check all the r_* files to be sure), must be replaced with working versions. In the case of m_fixed.h, you can comment out the assembly versions and use C versions that you can find in that file next to them.

If you need a source to get working replacement assembly code from, use the Eternity or prboom sources and patch in the relevant changes.

This is necessary because DJGPP's assembler got new register clobbering semantics after GCC v3, and this breaks the old assembly code.

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