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Google Ads popping up from opening sub-forums on Android

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Just now I was browsing the site on my Android like I always do and suddenly a full screen ad appeared by tapping Doom General. Usually things like this are associated with shadier sites and the like so I was confused. I made sure my phone was not infected with any malicious apps and I checked other sites with no problems.


When it pops up, the address bar shows this:



Weird. Seems to only appear once so far until I clear cookies.


Turns out it's some kind of Google Personalized Ad thing. This is what it looks like:



This kind of ad is really scary to have suddenly appear and it's pretty intrusive, suggesting me to install some app I don't want.

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On 3/31/2021 at 2:23 AM, WadArchive said:

Probably because ads are on the site when you aren't logged in?

Yup. Happened to me. I was wondering what was happening then I realized I wasn't logged in. 

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