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A Stupid Question

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What edtiors do you use to make all these new effects like slants,
arches, lights and in game text etc etc?

Dumb I know but anyway...

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My new Zdoom megawad will be made using WA and Deepsea! WA has a better scripting interface I've found.

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The slopes and stuff are only new line specials. Any editor that you can add line specials to does the trick. There are Boom-mode line specials and Hexen-mode line specials for the slopes btw.

On-screen text is done via scripting. You don't need a specific level editor for it (you can compile the scripts and insert it in to the wad yourself, but that's the long way), but ZETH and DeePsea handle the editing, compiling, and insertion for you (unsure how complete WA's scripting support is).

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