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Best WADs after the IWADs?

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14 hours ago, roadworx said:

i'm personally gonna go ahead and recommend a few wads cuz i used to be AWFUL at the game not that i got much better and i had to start out with easier stuff as well


- demonfear. it's 32 short, easy maps. great for beginners, it was the first megawad i ever completed

- moonblood. i have yet to play it, but from what i understand it's not too bad. in the wad difficulty progression list that was linked

- revolution! similar to demonfear in that it's 32 short, easy maps. i just played through it recently, it was actually pretty good despite being easy

- operation: biowar. only 18 maps, so it won't take too long to finish

- requiem. a tad harder than the above, but still fun to play

- memento mori 2. this is the hardest on i'm gonna mention, but it's still not too bad difficulty-wise. one of my personal favorites

I'd say MM2 is easier than Requiem but good recommendations nonetheless.

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18 minutes ago, Andromeda said:

I'd say MM2 is easier than Requiem but good recommendations nonetheless.

is it? i remember it being the other way around, but maybe i'm mistaken

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17 hours ago, Valboom said:

New Doom Community Project 

I'm not sure if NDCP is only slightly harder. Some strange difficulty spikes (Map 10 is the one with towers where you can get keys in any order, I think) but I agree. Some slight inventiveness in some of the combat encounters and definitely better than CCs 1 and 2.

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Back to Saturn X E1. It has a nice difficulty progression. If you like this "modern" style with custom textures, continue with BTSX E2 or Eviternity, then maybe Valiant.

If you like more the classic style, I think Alien Vendetta can come directly after Final Doom. Its difficulty is not that much higher, but the fights are different (more monsters and spectacle), and there are some difficulty spikes in the final maps which require different skills than in Plutonia (mainly correct BFG handling), and once you finish it you can try "real" slaughtermaps.

Or try Requiem / Memento Mori 2 first, both are still easy enough but have some harder maps.

If you like exploration, long maps and puzzle solving (but only then!): Eternal Doom. Difficulty is mostly about Final Doom level, sometimes easier.


All of them are popular classics.

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