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Eternity's screen gets black when starting to stream it on discord

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Posted (edited)

When I start streaming eternity's window on discord, it's window gets black, no matter what resolution is used or if I am running the game in fullscreen or in window. Despite the window being black, you can still hear that the game is running properly in the background. When I press alt+enter to change window size, I can see everything again, but discord stops to stream the game. Is this a known issue?

I used two versions of Eternity, and both of them are affected:
Version 4.02

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It's known to occur for some users, however it's a discord issue. There's nothing anyone here can do.

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3 hours ago, Altazimuth said:

I think I fixed it, at least in my tests. Fix should be in tomorrow's devbuild.

Wait really? How?

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I experienced the same bug in Chocolate Descent, when I debugged it with RenderDoc what I noticed is that Discord was overwriting the texture bound at GL_TEXTURE0 with its new framebuffer texture, so I added code to rebind it before drawing the framebuffer and it fixed the problem for everyone who's ever reported it to me.


I don't know why discord rebinds GL_TEXTURE0 and then fails to restore it, but it works? Not like it's a huge perf penalty or anything either, many games would already  be doing at the very least one bind per frame...

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