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Looks like HOM, but I dont think it is

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I was working on my map yesterday in an area that required dozens of "fenceposts" (a long series of short walls). When I tested the map, I experienced the HOM bug (in vanilla DooM). However Im pretty sure Im not missing any textures.
Thinking that maybe it was some sort of VPO thing, I tested the map out in JDoom and the results were even worse. No HOM this time, but instead the ceiling where the HOM used to be looked a little messy, and the floor texture looked larger than it was supposed to be (this area is sort of loike a bridge over a lava pit). When I walked over tho this place with the weird texture problem, I fell through the floor and got stuck inside the bridge. I could still walk around, but I was bound to the inside of this bridge structure (almost like some sort of funky room-over-room effect).
Finally, I tested my wad out in ZDoom and eveything seemed to be working fine there.
I am using Wadauthor and then using BSP for nodes building before testing.
SO, can anyine tell me what might be wrong with my wad? I'd like it to be playable on any port (including Vanilla Doom). I can upload it to geocities if anyone wants to see for themselves (dont laugh at it if you do, Its nowhere near finished :P ).

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Sounds to me like you have an unclosed sector somewhere, or a sector with a reversed linedef which sidedefs don't refer to the correct sector anymore. That results in the same effects you just described. Check the HOM area for incorrect sector references.

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I saw this effect when building a couple of my early maps. Oddly enough the affected areas where fine when built, but later exhibited this effect when other distant sectors were added to the map. I could never identify the cause of the problem, although a few people suggested bugs with WA internal node builder. No ammount of tweaking or fiddling seemed to rectify the problem. In the end I had to rebuild the effected areas. Come to think of it, at the time i was using a much earlier version of WA. I'm using the most recent version now (whatever ver number that is) and haven't had this problem since the change. Maybe its a bug in an earlier version of WA. Do I know what I'm talkiing about? Probably not! Happy Christmas.

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After some experimenting I have determined (to the best of my ability) that I simply had too many 2 sided lines in view in some places. So now Im giong to have to ditch ALOT of the detail I had there and set up some colums, which makes the place now look very different from what I wanted *sigh*.

This brings to mind a good question, considering all the advanced source ports today, should mappers still bother trying to make wads that are playable under vanilla DooM (i.e. maps that wont break the engine, maps that intentionally use advanced port features are a different story)? Its really annoying to have to restructure things just to avoid limits in the original .exe.

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Assmaster said:

should mappers still bother trying to make wads that are playable under vanilla DooM

Mappers should be able to make their levels for whatever port they want, including the original .exe's. We are doing this for fun, after all; it's a hobby where we do whatever we want, not a job where we're dictated to by someone else.

Whenever someone makes a level, they just have to bear in mind that if it'll only run on some obscure port that hardly anyone has (Vavoom for example), or a port that many can't run (e.g. the GL ports), they're reducing the size of their potential audience.

A level for vanilla Doom (2) can be played by everyone who has the game can play it, as AFAIK there are no ports which aren't backwards compatible. However, as most peoeple have at least one limitation removing port nowadays, a level which ignores the limitations can still be played by almost anyone.

The only people who wouldn't be able to play it are the purists who refuse to use anything other than the original .exe's, but don't let these guys force you to make levels with the limits in mind if you don't want to, especially as it's only a relatively small group.

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