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Green becomes GREEN

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hey, might fine. can't wait for actual green in the pile. I'm jealous though. santa didn't bring me my tablet! well I guess I was too naughty this year.

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ey.. great to hear you got a tablet.. those things rule.. i have a wacom graphire 2 my self, what kind of tablet do you have?

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Silverwyvern said:

I also have the graphire 2 ;) And I love it dearly. ;)

I knew leaving tequila out for santa was a good idea ;)

heh... maybe I should try that... :P

btw... great news... :)
I love green pile.

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we love green pile, we're glad it's being colourized. colour is good. are you going to go back and make special editions of the first seven episodes in colour? and when are you going to bring mancubi in? when you put mancubi in art, it immediatly becomes fine art.

mmmmmmmmmmm mancubi.

keep up the great work.

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