Hi everyone.   I would like to share with you something that I have been on working for roughly 2 years. It started as a mod that removed random damage from the game - something that always felt a bit of a weird concept in a game of skill, at least for me. After countless hours of tweaking and beating the original Doom 2 maps with my alterations (UV, 100% kills, pistol start - just to be sure everything was still playable), I started looking into mapping. And now, here we are. almost 2y* and 9 maps later. Correction - it is now 16 maps + hub, not 9!   * If you're looking at that "2y" comment and wondering how it took so long... well, that's 2y since I began experimenting with modding. Mapping came much later. Also, I wasted a lot of time in the beginning with things like MANUALLY aligning textures (yeah, I didn't know any better) - so don't expect that to be a good measure of the quality of the maps provided. Just warning you in advance!    Anyway, moving on...   First, the mod. It is entirely optional to play with it - maps were tested with and without it - but I do believe it will improve your experience, particularly in regards to Health and Armor. And I would love to hear what you think of the changes too. Here's a full list of changes:     Custom content used: - 3 sky textures from Mechadon's Box'o'skies (for seamless skies). - The sprites, but not code, from Dreadopp's Berserk Sphere.   If either of you would like me to remove your work from my WAD, please let me know. Also, please let me know how I may credit you properly for it if you are okay with it staying in.   About the maps: - UDMF format, tested on GZDoom (Doom, strict, compatibility mode), also compatible with ZDoom (thanks SilverMiner for the assist!). Don't know about others. Sorry, I'm a newbie. If anyone wants to help me improve compatibility then I'll appreciate it immensely. I don't think I'm using any port-specific feature like slopes and cameras. - Harder than Doom 2. Easier than Valiant / Sunlust / Eviternity. I'm not experienced enough to give a better evaluation, sorry. - Each level has 1 secret Armor and 1 secret Backpack near the start + more Armor pickups hidden further down the map. Finding these will skew the difficulty considerably. - Item placement and availability was designed with Pistol Start in mind. - Each map (except for MAP01) has 400 Health and Armor (Armor is in secrets). Don't play recklessly! (This is halved in UV and Nightmare) - Maps are mostly linear and heavily symmetrical. There are no intentional points of no return. - Maps are structurally and narratively connected. - Maps are all 5-10min long. - Infighting is disabled. - No teleporting monsters behind the player. There are some closets though... (particularly in map 8) - Secrets within a map will be mostly hidden under the same type of feature. - Some things will only make sense later (wink-wink, blue doors) - I don't want to give the theme away :) - All map names start with "C". - All maps have a "multiple of 16" number of enemies. - I STRONGLY advise having mouselook enabled, but it's not required. - Jumping and crouching are not disabled, but are also not necessary to navigate the maps. Nor is any kind of special platforming.   If you're interested in giving my work a shot then all feedback is welcome, but I am very curious about: - Fairness of fights, difficulty progression, etc. - Difficulty (by comparison with popular WADs) - Item placement. - Ammo excess / scarcity at the end of the level. - Any sort of bugs. - Better naming for the project :D - Any important information that I forgot to disclose.   Anyway, I hope you enjoy! There is a full changelog inside the archive, if you're curious about the mod. Feel free to play without it too :) (screenshots on next post)   Update history:   RbDoom_v1.4.9.7z