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need help importing textures

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i want to take the sky from episode 1 of doom1 and import it into my doom2 map, I cant find out how to do it :(

although im sure one of you kind souls will dedicate your day to telling me how this is done.

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Use Wintex. Extract (save to file) the sky from Doom1 and import it into your wad as F_Sky1 (or whatever its called <- the name of the Doom2 sky).

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The sky from Ep1 is a graphics lump called SKY1. You can use Wintex (as Russell suggests) or DeePsea, or XWE to extract it and include it in your own WAD. Use whichever method is the most appropriate for the tool you use to call the lump RSKY1 instead of SKY1 and it will be used on Doom2 maps 1-11.

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im really having trouble doing so.

Wintex wont work due to some missing DLL file, and when i downloaded it, it still wouldnt work. Then I tried the shareware version of deepsea and basically just stuck in f_sky1.bmp (twice for some reason)

but the sky remains the normal doom2 sky.

i assume it is bmp files? pcx? i dunno.

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Did you rename that sky bitmap to RSKY1 as Enjay said? If you did and it still does not work, I'll take a look at the wad if you want, will report on the problem or fix and send it back to you. mjblakely@earthlink.net

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ok... so I have the doom sky, im happy


I can finish my map today if I can get a texture called "graydang" (I think).. its the Gray texture with a big red sticker thing slapped on it... Although I looked at the doom WAD and it appears that the red sticker and gray texture are two seperate tetures, so they are merged or something...

I really want to finish this wad today so Can someone tell me how to get the full texture? I really hate this texture importing stuff...

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1) Open Wintex.

2) Go to the "help" menu.

3) Select "contents".

4) Select "the Wintex tutorials".

5) Select "tutorial on textures editing".

6) Read each of the five topics listed below "menu", starting with "theory" and working your way down.

Now you should understand everything there is to understand about textures in Doom (2) :)

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Oh, I thought it only did that when you tried to open a wad. Oh well, I'll post what it says instead (edited a bit by me):

Tutorial on Texture: Theory

What is a Texture?

Countrary to the common belief, a wall texture is not a picture. It is only a list of wall patches, which are the actual graphic images. Sometime, this list is composed of only one wall patch, so you could confuse texture and patch.

A texture is composed by placing wall patches one after the other in specific position, with the later ones sitting on top of the earlier ones.

This 2-level approach can provide considerable economy of memory and disk space, since the same level patch can be used in more than one texture. A typical example is the EXIT patch, that appears in lots of different textures, at the exit of levels (editor's note: umh, this is bollocks, EXIT only appears in one texture (two in Doom 1). The switch patches, such as SW1S0, would be much better examples)

The different textures lists

The list of textures is usually stored in an entry called TEXTURE1.

When editing TEXTURE1, you will see that list of textures, with names and size of the textures.

Coming with the list of textures, you can find a list of patches, PNAMES. You should not bother about this list, since most (all?) editors handle it automatically, but you must know that it must be present, if you have added new patches.

With DOOM 1 and HERETIC, there is another list of textures, called TEXTURE2. This list contains textures that are only in the registered version of the game.

Edit: Hmm, I just noticed that there's an on-line Help thingy for Deepsea. This page should help you:


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doesnt matter.. it was just a texture to add to make my corridors look less bland.

my map shall be released soon, excited?! i know i am, my first ever release for doom!

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For what it's worth, I couldnt get Wintex 4.7 to work either... downloaded twice, and says missing file, even though all included files are there and the two files in the windows/system. use the old old version (4.3?) Works good

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RTDscout said:

. . . of course, he could have used DMGRAPH :-)

Now there's a blast from the past. DMGRAPH, DMAUD and DMMUS. Heh, I used to know all their command line parameters off by heart and be able to simply give a sprite graphic a quick glance to make a pretty close estimate as to the offsets I'd need to add to the DMGRAPH command line to make it look good in a wad.

Weapons were a bit more trial and error though. I used to set up little batch files that used DMGRAPH to put a graphic into a file, started doom (to allow me to check the graphic offset) and then run dos edit on the batch file once I quit doom so I could tweak the offset parameters, save and run the batch file again nice and quickly.

He he, and then there were the huge batch files that had instructions for replacing all the sprites in a WAD. I think I had a batch file to extract all the doom graphics to a directory, and IIRC I also used a hex editor to make versions of DMAUD that worked on the sound names in doom2 not found in doom1 and another one for Heretic.

Oh happy day.

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