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My rant - Work ethic.

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I like to think I have an outstanding work ethic. I don't work to get paid (although it IS a perk :P) I work to enjoy it. If I don't respect the company, or lose respect, I quit. Work is a second home, I make it as homey as possible. Nudie callanders, stereos, transformers, etc. I can't imagine working any other way.

I guess that I'm lucky to be the manager at the Mr. Sub I work at. I worked hard, showed that I care, and got the top position in 2 years. The first time in 15 years that the owner has ever appointed a manager, let people take deposits, pay royalties and such.

So, my rant. I have to fire someone. Here's the story.

Friday night. Not just any Friday night. The last one before Christmas. Thus, it's really busy. Great night to get lots of sales. I'll gladly pay the employee to stay open to make more money. And the employees know it. I also feel that I can trust most of them to close early if it's dead. So here's what the dumbass did.

It's busy as predicted. We normally close at 1:30. Take note the time isn't as late as it used to be because there's no bars close by. So, it's busy, last minute shoppers, Christmas parties, etc. The idiot shuts off the lights and sign AN HOUR EARLY at 12:30 while he's getting crushed (20 people just walked in) and pushes people away, because he wants to get out early. So he leaves at 1:15, and doesn't tell me.

So, the complaints rush in. I ask him about it. Fucking asshole with a straight face tells me what happened as if pushing away customers and sales is ok.

UGH! Sometimes I wish I could clone myself to work every shift!

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I remember going to a Taco Bell once at about a half hour before closing time. Yet, it was closed. I knocked on the door and the guy inside said that they were closed early because there weren't any customers. Never mind the fact that I was a customer (well, I would have been if they were open like they were supposed to be). They have since closed down and it's now a Chinese restaurant.

By the way, old or new Transformers?

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Both new and old. I have Optimus Prime (generation 1), God Ginrai, Scourge (Robots in Disguise), Hot Shot (Armada), Ultra Magnus (Robots in Disguise), Optimus Prime (Armada), Megatron (Armada) and all of my Heroes of Cybertron figures there right now.

Man, the owner's kid loves it when he comes to work. :P

BTW, I only let people close early if they go 2 hours without a single customer.

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All the ones I had were old. Shockwave, Galvatron, and Metroplex to name a few.

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Comes with the territory. It never gets easier either. In my old job I had to give people warnings and crap, and I was only a part-timer! Like when I was at school, I had to drop people sometimes from teh rugby team, that was always really hard, especially if they were my friends and I had to replace them with guys I couldn't stand but were simply playing better.

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