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"Tenth Gear" 10 Minute Speed Map Community Project (Submissions Closed)

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9 hours ago, Wavy said:

@Dubbag I updated my second map (Town of Pain) to use a high quality midi =)

that is the worst thing I've ever heard in my life and I LOVE it lol

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I really want to try this, will be fun and interesting to see how some mappers did on a ten minute margin for a map

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13 hours ago, Clippy said:

Fun stuff I recorded myself making and playing the map


Making a map in ten minutes is awful and the results show lol - way too hard no time to test or balance


Get the map here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19GckJJgqNr6i4LhZBx0p4Id4dyiMQGjR/view?usp=sharing





EDIT: I see it has to be prboom compatible so I had to do one post production thing and properly tag a sector

Clippy, you had me cracking up! Great video!


It was really funny when you forgot about the Archviles.


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I think that the WAD is completely bug free at this point so tomorrow it will be sent to idgames, I'm giving it one more day to see if anyone finds anything wrong.

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