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Favorite Game From The Year You Were Born

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My favorite game is Super Mario Bros 2 which appeared in 1988. I've been playing it since I was 4 on Nintendo. Now I don't have Nintendo, but I sometimes play it in the browser on the site where all the old school games are collected. I also played happy wheels a lot since 2008.


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                          ==BEWARE !!!==




Since we all retro game lovers weirdos gathered here I want to ask you some games' names, which I can not remember.


1st Game:


A 2D platform game from late or mid 90s, it had support for up to 2 players. We were a couple of Little Elves

and fighting against Astronomical Entities and horoscopes (Leo, Taurus, Virgo etc...), art style of game was

a little similar to Metal Slug franchise. I am searching for that game for 3 years. I couldn't find anything yet.

Also, as you can guess game takes place in Space mostly.



2nd Game:


Again a 2D game from early or mid 90s. We were playing as some kind of Radioactive/toxic humanoid liquid monster.

We were trying to get revenge from someone for some reason obviously. Game takes place in sewers and toxic wastes



3rd Game:


Last one is might be a little hard to find but I am sure of it was published in same year as Disney's Aladin game did. Yet again a 90s game.

Game is a 2D shooter game. You know those games right from Neo Geo or Memu right. We were stuck in some kind of Lab with many mutants

and zombies and shoot them all on screen. First boss was a Robotic Zombie, in order to defeat that thing to destroy its armor.


I played many atari games from 90s I can not list them all since you people may not like them and I also can not remember all of their names' either.

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I did some searching and I didn't recognise any of the games that were released during my birth year. But the first video game I ever remember playing, The New Zealand Story, was released the year after I was born. The Amiga version I played came a year later.


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It was either going to be this, or Quake 3 Arena, and though I don't like choosing, Unreal Tournament has far more casual content.

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There is nothing there to choose from. I kinda predate all this vidya game stuff. I was 11 by the time the Atari 2600 appeared. We used to play war in the woods with guns made out of sticks and we'd split into two teams and if you saw another kid first, you'd yell 'BANG Your DEAD' and he or she had to go to the base and the last kid alive, their team won the game. Ahh the good olde days. Damned kids.

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It was also the first game I ever played. For some reason my grandmother and mum were super into it and would leave the console on overnight to try and beat it. They're not really into video games so I don't know what made them A) get a genesis, and B) get super hooked on this one particular game, but I'm glad they did.


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Well, at least I'm not the only one.



Although I did always kind of enjoy Space Invaders as well. 

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2 hours ago, Liberation said:

 if I was born a year earlier then it would be Elite, which I was a big fan of when growing up.

If I was born a year later I'd have gone for Elite. Year after that, it would have been Chaos: The Battle of the Wizards.  As it is, I had this on cassette tape and it was unquestionably one of the games that brought most joy in my childhood. 



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