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Favorite Game From The Year You Were Born

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1983, I still have a fully functioning one at home with 20+ games. Hard to pick one from 1983 so I'll post the console because it launched on that year.




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I played (and completed!) this only last year, yet it still counts as my favorite.

The rest of you posting games not from your year are spoiling the fun for the rest of us. Now get off my lawn!


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My favorite game of my childhood is CS. I went through all the stages of development with it. I'm still interested in playing it and I'm thinking about participating in a tournament.To learn everything in detail about Cs I found the cs money wiki site. Which helped me in this. I used to think that I have a lot of knowledge in this area. But I was wrong. I know I am at the level of a beginner and I was interested in bringing my knowledge into the game. 

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Here's an oddball one that I'd bet few people know of - but boy, you won't forget it!


Imagine you're playing a game where the goal is to gather a collectible and get to the exit while avoiding enemies.


Every time you get caught, would you enjoy it if you...

  • Get accosted and... something else by a moonwalking Michael Jackson?
  • Have a Japanese comedian whip you in S&M gear while you're in a diaper?
  • Have a famous wrestler break your back over and over again?
  • Have Carl Lewis kick you in the junk?
  • Have Madonna love you a really long time?

Did you answer yes to any of the above?


Then Gonbee no I'm Sorry is the game for YOU!



Now for those who are interested in "What the hell was THAT?!", here's an explanation in the spoiler.



The game is a parody of the plutocracy of one of the Prime Ministers of Japan, Kakuei Tanaka (who was PM from 1972-1974, and convicted of all sorts of shady dealings in 1983). His ministership was plagued by scandals, of which one of the most famous was that he was bribed with almost $2,000,000 from Lockheed to buy their planes for Japan's national airlines. The weird name of the game, Gonbee no I'm Sorry, is actually a bit of a pun: "I'm Sorry" can read somewhat like "I'm Souri" (Souri/総理 being Japanese for Prime Minister), and the "Gonbee" part is more or less analogous to "John Doe" in Western language - but can also mean a country bumpkin type. So the title can be read simultaneously as "I'm a sorry hick!" as well as "I'm an idiot Prime Minister!"


The goal is for you, as PM Tanaka, to collect all the gold bars and deposit them safely while jumping over or defeating various enemies and obstacles in each maze-like level. The enemies are Giant Baba (a Japanese wrestler), a moonwalking Michael Jackson, Madonna, Japanese comedian Tamori, Carl Lewis, and moving statues (that activate when passed by).


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Will have to go with this one (Sewer level counter +100). Ironically I played it a lot as a kid, and loved it more than Super Mario Bros., but I never knew it was from 1983. God I'm old.

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