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A Few Questions

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Some questions for uz:

(1) Do you think they should give the zombies helmets?

(2) Should they have NPC's in Doom 3?

(3) What do you think the storyline will consist of?

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1 - No
2 - No. I don't see any real need for them.
3- It's going to be a remake of Doom, not a sequel to Doom 2.

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1) why not? Heh, they are shooting for realism.

2) we already know there is going to be NPCs that give you info and items and stuff.

3) we dunno, but we know id hired a professional writer to do the story for Doom 3.

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1. Undead zombies: No, Possessed soldiers: Yes, the commandos wear helmets so it's safe to assume that the other possessed troopers will be wearing helmets.

2. There will be NPCs - that's official and has been for a long time. Everyone who says "No, there will be no NPCs" deserves an army boot up his/her arse, because that's bullshit :-P

3. Story: What we can guess from magazine articles and interviews is that it's basically the original Doom story with a few twists and changes. It's 2145, the UAC, a huge corporation with strong military ties is doing research on interdimensional spacetravel (teleportation). You, a marine, has recently been stationed there. You get to walk about inside the base in a non-hostile environment (though them scientists supposedly seem everything but friendly towards you) and perform some of your duties. You're called off to the outskirts of the base (we assume - nothing certain) and then all Hell breaks loose:
Some nervous scientist guy alters the gateway settings under orders of some mean-voiced guy whom we don't know who is (he's not revealed), after altering the gateway settings, the scientist contacts this unknown guy, telling him that he has done what he has been told, but he's worried about the stabilization field - he's interrupted by this mean-voiced guy who says that that is not for him to worry about.
Gateways run amok and opens a door to Hell. Lost souls zap straight out of the gateways and possess guards, and (supposedly) kills a few people and demons overrun the base.

One man stands between Hell and Earth!
That one man....is you!

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Q1.)I think they ARE some zombies in helments, some will be UAC security peeps and the other's will most likely be former MARINES,

Q2.)HELL YES, I think they should be NCP's in D3. And Hell YeaHH THEY ARE!! There will various types you'll interact with "PRIOR" to the DEMON invasion. After the demons showup, MOST NCP's (*if not all) will get killed or turned into mutant zombies. You gonna have your commanding "SERGENT" assisting you though your objectives via "PDA" from a safe haven somewhere in the base.

Q3.)Umm.... just read dsm's reply or just try and find a back issue of PCGAMER #104/DEC 2002

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1. yes it would make sense for them to have helmets if your talking of the possesed marines on the other hand (living dead civilian type) no just some ratty gut coverd clothes
3.Who cares as long as it gives you the hopeless feel and it makes sense.

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