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Doomcute thread

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On 10/4/2022 at 9:08 PM, RDETalus said:

Iily pads and potted plants


this is excellent, reminds me of Powerslave

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Central European style Church (WIP).

Bell tower will most likely have different texture.

[Simon's theme from CV4 starts playing]

E : I just noticed the misaligned textures, oh well. It's WIP :P

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31 minutes ago, Biodegradable said:

Really adorable Doomcute chandelier.





(*not actually gonna be disappointed. Too much.)

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Nah, give me some editor trickery so I trigger some map event and go into a copy of the same room, but the chandelier is fallen and broken and there are torches built into it. Although it looks like it may be vanilla so probably not.

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On 7/3/2021 at 9:22 PM, NeilJohnRips said:

Some more Doom Cute for everyone :3




This thread is awesome! Goldmine of ideas and I love details. I'm still a newbie when it comes to lighting and would love to see the .wad this image is from or are there any guides on how to do that sorta (semi)realistic flickering? Looks real good, certainly better than my attempts :)


I have to see if I'll find the time to take screenies of my WIP or previous map. Wish I had time and motivation to go back and clean up my previous map, it has a few doomcutish etc nice things despite having bad game play.


PS. I don't know if this is too morbid to ask and if the results could be categorized as cute but are there any beautiful in-wad tributes to people who have passed away? I already put one for my dad in my WIP project but also lost my best (and only true) friend this week and would like to honor her memory but have no ideas...

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15 hours ago, poisonhead said:

This thread is awesome! Goldmine of ideas and I love details.

It's a good idea to create a document and list all the Doomcute detail objects you can think of. You can't possible remember everything in your head so having a list will help you save your good ideas. It also helps refresh your memory when you're sitting their stumped, looking at an empty room and not knowing how to make it any different from the other rooms in your map.


15 hours ago, poisonhead said:

are there any guides on how to do that sorta (semi)realistic flickering

I'm pretty certain that's a GL lighting effect that advanced ports like GZDoom use. They usually use a file in the .wad named "GLDEFS" to determine the color, brightness, flickering, etc... of the lights.

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On 10/22/2022 at 1:42 PM, poisonhead said:

would love to see the .wad this image is from


It is from this WAD here

There's plenty more Doom cute in it. Give it a go.

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Not as detailed as some of my other posts here, but this simple design is one of my favorites in a map I made. This is the second library room in the Resident Evil mansion, which is a bit more messy than the main library that you go through to get to this room, as you can see with the books across the floor. This room in Resident Evil has a puzzle where you're supposed to push a statue into the corner of the room to reveal a hidden room that contains a key item. The hint to solving this puzzle is to push a switch that turns a light on in the corner where you're supposed to push the statue into (which you don't need to do if you know where to push the statue beforehand).


In this screenshot, pressing the switch turns on the light in the ceiling on the corner behind the books on the floor. Stepping into the corner lowers a wall containing a switch that opens up the next area to the game (I have a shortcut teleporter in that room to bring you to that area, as if you were playing this without any Resident Evil knowledge, you'd have no idea what that switch is supposed to do).



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8 hours ago, Devalaous said:


I remember flicking through the maps in the beta(alpha?) some years after I'd first been given it and being impressed with that elevator.


Thank you. That elevator took me forever. Having to literally time with a timer so that I knew exactly when to teleport the player, when to raise and lower the light levels on the elevator, when to change the scene. The script that does it is all timers triggering short pieces of code. 

Edited by Kyka

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38 minutes ago, muumi said:

dont dig straight down


That is actually pretty cool. :D


But the real important question is... where do I get a pair of compblue jeans???

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Some very old screenshots of a surgery room in a hospital I doodled out in Strife back in like 2016 when I was bored.









Nothing of much substance, and not sure it's all that much "Strifecute", but I don't think I have any other thread to post it in.

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2 hours ago, Kyka said:

But the real important question is... where do I get a pair of compblue jeans???

duh you craft them from compblue ore 

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Super-secret pipe organ. Probably half of the lines on this level are in the keyboard (Note: Exagerration, probably like one tenth at most)

If I don't tell you what map is it on, it doesn't count as a spoiler, right?

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Foreground: Illustrated book and a Tablet PC.

Background: Paint can and brush.



Papers with symbols crossed out or circled:



Ceremonial Dagger next to a blood offering bowl:



All from my latest release for the GZ Doom port.:



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