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Doomcute thread

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Icarus: Alien Vanguard


Map 10, Bridge 

by Ty Halderman




Map 07, Sickbay

by Tom Grieve





Map 11, Hydroponics

by Gary Gosson





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7 hours ago, BrassKnight said:

Can someone tell me what's Doomcute? This is the first time I've heard of it.


It's generally used to describe the practice of attempting to create real-world, or otherwise recognizable, objects within the limits of the Doom engine.  Because of said limitations, the end results are often clunky, usually a little silly, and kind of, well, cute.  


7 hours ago, Gothic said:

Is that the Alaskan Bull Worm?


I... have no idea what that is.  So probably not!  I just wanted to make a big snek.

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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned some parts of JPCP. This is an ex, map 32 of the megawad.




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Not sure if this counts but here's a recreation of my room from an unreleased joke WAD I made months ago:



The sink and refrigerator are just some stuff I added in to spice up the room, I actually don't have them in real life. 



The SHAWN2 textures are supposed to be my cabinets.



Revenant taking a nice shower.


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Maybe I'm being pedantic here, but the beautifully detailed, realistic settings in Lost Civilisation are way too refined to still be classified as "doomcute" in my opinion. :)

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idk what these are even supposed to be but it seems very doomcutish


realm of chaos, map14




and here's a boat from map19, courtesy of @Steve D


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