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Hot Springs - a new small map

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I made this in about a day because I wanted a break from the grey/brown industrial setting of my megawad which I've been working on for the past few weeks.  Decided to go for something a bit more colourful, and a bit more natural in its aesthetic.  This map is quite short - you can probably finish it in under 5 minutes.  All difficulty settings are implemented; tested on HNTR, HMP, and UV.



Compatibility: Vanilla (tested in Chocolate Doom and DOSBox)

Jumping/mouselook are NOT supported and may cause problems.

Download: HOTSPRNG.7z



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Fun little map, not a lot to say, small scale, slap dash placement, but a bit of height variety and cover goes a long way, and while my time with it was short, I had fun. I wish it had at least one other set piece though, as it is, its a bit forgettable, nothing about it really jumps out at me. Still, solid stuff.

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1 hour ago, Egg Boy said:

I wish it had at least one other set piece though, as it is, its a bit forgettable, nothing about it really jumps out at me. Still, solid stuff.

If I had had an actual clear vision of the map going into it, I definitely would've tried harder to give it a bit more character.  As it was, pretty much the main reason I made this was to avoid burnout on industrial-style maps.  Working on this did inspire several things that might make it into future maps, however (I couldn't find good ways to implement them here).

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Good stuff as usual, mate, if not a tad lacking compared to your other work. Still satisfactory and fun to play though hehe.



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Played on HMP in Choclate Doom.
My first Try was the best one, somehow instantly avoiding Damage and bringing them into Infight... but i should have saved, the first Archy got me bad^^
Than i needed three Tries to accomplish it in an acceptable Way :P
I like the Level Design, nice little natural "Garden", too crowded for my Taste, but nice to watch it.
The Achviles and the Cyberdemon are more in a Plutonia Try and Error Style, also the heavy Dudes at the End :P
But it was beatable for a Normalo like me, so this Map is proved for normal Mortals ^_^

So my Conclusion, nice made Map but a matter of Taste if someone likes the Formula :)



i even found the Super Shotgun :P

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Nice little warmup map :) The Cyberdemon was a bit of a surprise in such a small map, but the challenge of dealing with him in a cramped area is a bit different. It seemed harder right at the start than at any other point!



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If someone wants a spoiler how to deal with him easily :P




Stay right at the Wall infront of him, he can not see you or shoot at you, splash Damage does not reach you.

Wait his couple of Missles, go out shoot him and than back hidding :)



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Well, I'm glad to see that using mouselook doesn't completely spoil the surprise of that first trap.

I'm also glad to see people liking the pillar-windows; I'm a big fan of their aesthetic and I definitely want to use them again in the future.

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Definitely liked this one. A hot spring is actually quite a unique location for a doom WAD. I don't think I've ever seen a hot spring map until now. The red rock texture and the green bricks surprisingly go well together, whenever I've tried using these two together, I always thought they clashed - but the texturing looks great here. I don't usually like hot starts, but the arachnotron hot start really works here, makes you need to run around and get some in-fighting going / fight for your ammo right off the bat - I appreciate that kind of encounter design. I felt that maybe the Cybie room was a little too small - but I was still able to get 'em.


Overall, I enjoyed your more 'industrial' endeavors a little bit more aesthetically, but this was by no means a bad map to look at. I also appreciated the integration of all weapons, something not seen in many smaller size maps. I UV max'd it in just over 3:30 - which isn't a problem btw, you know I like small maps - but it kind of left me wishing it was a bit longer, as I was enjoying it quite a bit! Maybe you'll return to the hot springs motif at some point? :)


Keep up the great work bud, can't wait to see more from your megaWAD project too!





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Hot Springs


Ultra-Violence || Zandronum || BeautifulDoom



Deaths → 4 (3 for Archviles and 1 for a Pinky...)

Saves → none











A map that is extremely short, and apart from being short, it is really challenging because of the things that it has implemented, so, visually I will say that it looks pretty good, it really has a certain variation of structures in all areas, it which I liked a lot, besides that the red color is very highlighted in the initial free area, and then in the room with the Archvile and the Shotgunners, and in the last room where the exit is, and besides that, there is almost no closed spaces here, and I say "almost" because there are only two areas with that detail, but in general everything is very well done. As for the issue of combat, it really stands out here, first of all because there are quite a few Arachnatrons in the area of greater freedom, and Hell Knights who are patrolling the area, after this, we have the presence of quite a few Archviles in the area. , being the first one with the Hitscanners and others to take the portal back to the main area, and to finish, a Cyberdemon that is blocking the entrance, and even though there is a BFG 9000 there, I decided to kill him. him with the Chaingun, Shotgun and Plasma Gun, which worked quite well. The map turned out to be very entertaining for me, I really liked the fact that there was a challenge at the beginning but that it was not in a closed space as other maps usually do, and in the end it turned out to be fun despite having lost many times with my opponents... especially with the Archviles, but hey, great job you've done on this map, mate.

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