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ZDOOM Question

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I'm kinda new at this source port thing, so I thought I'd ask the experts. I downloaded ZDOOM and Doom: The Arcade Game. How do I run the wad with ZDOOM?

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Generally you just add the file you want to play to the zdoom command line, you cannot load the file after starting zdoom. From the DOS prompt, type zdoom -file somewad.wad and it should load. You might prefer to make a shortcut to zdoom.exe, then edit the properties of the shortcut, adding the -file argument to the target. Use the proper arcade filename, somewad.wad is just an example name.

Make sure that the wad you want to play (arcade) and the needed iwad (probably doom2.wad) are in the folder with zdoom. The arcade text file will tell you what iwad to use and if you have to warp to any map other than map01 or E1M1.

Gooberman might have included a batch file with arcade, and you should be able to use it as long as all files are where the batch file "expects" them to be.

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