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Project Charon (6 limit-removing Doom II maps)

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Welcome to Project Charon, my first mapset (in a while). 6 maps, each with a similar setting, which might remind you of Ultimate Doom. The maps may be short, but their redeeming quality is that they were all made in 3 hours. So that leaves us with 30 minutes for each map.

I was inspired by a community project I participated in a few days ago, where we had to make 10 minute maps (insane, but surprisingly doable). So I made 6 speedmaps, 4 of which were just yesterday. I have to say, finding any sort of inspiration was really hard and the lack of ideas hit me like a truck, but I managed to dish out these 6 maps.

These maps are generally difficult, and playing them will definitely end up with a few deaths. I have died countless times in an attempt to beat these maps, and, really, I couldn't get why. But their gameplay is really hit or miss, sometimes the RNG loves you and sometimes nothing goes right. Enemy numbers are generally 20-30 monsters, so go figure.

Pistol starts are not obligatory, but maps are designed accordingly.




Format: Doom 2/ Limit-removing

Source port: Tested with PrBoom+

Crouching: No

Jumping: No

Freelook: Not an obligation, and not a personal preference (I play with arrow keys only)

Contains: Couple of textures, Ultimate Doom, TNT music

Designed for: Singleplayer only, multiplayer starts added after the 30 minute mark.

Difficulty levels: In 30 minutes? Are you kidding me?






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Hey, there, Elio! I enjoyed going through your stuff. A run through plus extra design thoughts follows below :)


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Project Charon


6 really interesting maps companion, the truth is that I quite liked the fact that each map always has toxic soils in one way or another, and that the combats, despite being with few enemies, have moments so tense and frustrating that they make to think that not everything will be with Hitscanners or Imps or even Pinkys, which in itself is something that is seen mostly in Wads of this class, but no, you did take yours to another level, and that's why I quite enjoyed it while I was playing in each zone. Great job as always on your maps, Elio, the truth is that each map has a very good structure, with some interesting details and a use of basic architecture but that works a lot, and I will be waiting for new maps that you bring to share here.





Here is my public video where my gameplay and everything I was doing to complete your Wad 100% is shown in detail.




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