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GD vanish

map feed back

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Posted (edited)

helo every one here is my first playbe map give me feedback whan you finish it  thank you.

edit:bruh he my freind who helped said to me he added some moded stuff ad  says it works on what has compatibilty like crispy and zdoom

 also this map is for vanilla playing wich means no free look jumping crouching etc also its doom2 iwads and the them i will say helish them and its a map01 set








Edited by GD vanish

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Lots of nice detailing for a newbie map. I liked the cracks in the wall filled with props and the use of certain decorations and ornaments that helped make some of the areas a little more memorable. Your rooms are a little too big for most of the encounters save for the last big Pinky ambush and your combat overall was a little boring. As far as newbie maps goes, it's a decent first impression, dude. Not too shabby.



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Ultra-Violence || Zandronum || ModernWeps



Deaths → 0

Saves → none

*The map was completed 2 times









A map not so long but it is really interesting, the truth is that in the aesthetic aspect it is very well elaborated, with interesting details that contribute to the immersion of the map and do not make it so boring, like certain architectures used in some areas They make the map look really good for the areas it has. As for the fighting, although not all of them become so interesting, there may be some exceptions, such as the battle where the blue key is obtained, and the one in the area with the red key, from then on, it is needed improve on some things, and having put a "secret" Archvile is not that it helped to improve things, since that is basically optional, but hey, killing him was entertaining too. This map lacks only a little polish in some things, such as in the fighting for example to make it much more enjoyable than it already is, but hey, for a first map it wasn't bad either, so, great job you've done. done here mate, and I hope to see other jobs that you bring here.


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Posted (edited)

Map has a lot of ammo its definetely a plus (for me), i even not used a rocket launcher. As was mentioned above, map lacks some decorations, or something that can be memorized. There's two way to solve this: add more geometrical details (maybe even abstract, such as this red-blue flashing stuff on the ceiling of pinks arena), or to make map more compact. Some mistakes i found:



1. I am curious about history of this hole)



2-3. Lack of textures



4-5. Misalign (if you working in GZDoom Builder it can be fixed by shift-a)



6. IDK, some action fault?



7. Is it intended to be a secret? At this moment there is only 1 secret, not here



Anyway, it is fun map to play, quite relaxing. Until you're not encountered pinky's arena, - to my shame i died here once) Good architectual thinking, some arenas looks finished visually, and i like there tombs) Сherry on the top of cake

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Not a bad little map.  Visuals are nice; combat could be a bit more interesting. Good stuff overall. 


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