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Bootleg Barad-Dûr

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Or Minas-Tirith, as my playtester called it. I made this huge fortress in the middle of a lake, on top of a mountain. Big, medieval, sprawling, non-linear, interconnected; I always had a scratch for WADs with a touch of dungeon-crawling, à la Soulsborne. So I made a ton of these and released them as "The Castle-Pack" on Moddb a year ago, but I kinda forgot to show them off here as well. So here it is, six individual maps in the same vein and style. The one I showcase here is Bootleg Barad-Dûr, called "AFortress.wad" in the folder. It has its own little story, about doomguy having the clear the entire fortress so he can save a fleet of ships and return home, but that's not so important. These maps do take a while to complete, so do make sure you have plenty of freetime when you start one. And now the technical stuff: I made it with GZDoom in mind, I have no idea if it works on anything else. Freelook allowed (and recommended), jumping and crouching allowed, ideal in hardware rendering (because of how vertical it is). Run on Doom II, it starts on map 1. And these maps may be inspired by the Soulsborne games, but I don't consider them particularly difficult. They are fair. Here's the link to the Castle-Pack: https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/addons/the-castle-pack




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