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Introducing TODD - The Overengineered DOOM Deployer; a DOOM source port "hub" using UE4

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Posted (edited)

I know, it's very ridiculously overkill, and I don't really give a shoot. No need to ask again about it.


This "project" started as a way to blow off steam of my head after game development complications, and to entertain myself, instead of watching something steamy, I thought of making classic DOOM source port launcher, using Unreal Engine 4, (initially) just for the lols.




My goal for this would be a somewhat overkill and over-engineered but user-friendly "hub" or manager for DOOM Source Ports, akin to ZDL. I don't intend this to be ZDL competitor, though - the choice is yours. This is an "Overengineered DOOM Deployer" after all and was started as self-amusement.

As for performance, don't worry - I completely disabled any of UE4's 3D rendering, and only using the Slate UI system, so the CPU/GPU usage is fairly minimal even in foreground, and shouldn't deter your Dooming experience, even in potato computers.


What to expect from TODD:

  • 32-bit DirectX 11 front-end, ensuring of near maximum compatibility with recent Windows 7+ PCs.
  • Support for most contemporary source ports (Tested with PrBoom, GZDoom, and ChocoDoom, but as long as it's .exe and support both -iwad and -file params, it should be fine).
  • Centralised user-friendly hub for classic DOOM source ports, IWADs, and PWADs collection.
  • WIP: Up to 16 slot of "Last Played" history, saving the last mix of source port, IWAD, PWADs, and command line args.
  • WIP: Optional icons to decorate things up a bit.
  • Worked: Manually type commandline args before launching - no restrictions!
  • Worked: Commandline Param Configurator allows for automated commandline args assembly. Based on basic vanilla params and certain special params (based on Boom & ChocoDoom params).
  • WIP: Embed together a related DEH that isn't combined with the WAD (Useful for ancient TC WADs).
  • Slated feature: Support for WADs packed in ZIP, with automated metadata and file parser.
  • Slated feature: Manage demo recording with automated LMP naming.
  • Worked: Option to exit TODD after launching the source port.
  • This is mainly for community made Windows source ports in mind, so the official Unity port and non-Windows source ports are out of the question.


Download link: Coming soon
GitHub repo: Coming soon

Edited by TheHoodieGuy02 : Update 15/04/2021

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Looks neat and friendly to use. I'll get it once it's out, so I'm just commenting here so I don't forget it

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WORK IN PROGRESS: Archive unzipping & automated entry metadata parsing from text files




Thanks to 7-zip libraries, TODD can automatically extract zip files, only if there is a .WAD or .PK3 file inside it. (If there's none, TODD refuses to extract it)

Because of many .TXT files in doomworld/idgames follow certain formatting, TODD can also automatically detect the WAD's title, author, compatibility, and description. It basically find substrings according to the format, remove the indentation whitespaces, and fill in the metadata accordingly. Of course, there will be option to edit it manually afterward if you want to clean it up.


(Shoutout to @Pavera for the Arrival WAD used for testing the program)

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