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Key bindings for weapons

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Maybe I'm missing it in the settings, but: Is there a way to bind multiple weapons to one key? Similar to the Shotgun and SSG in classic Doom?

I'm asking because I really dislike the "wheel" and there are too many weapons to bind them to the number keys and still have them in comfortable reach. At least for me.

I'd like to keep the weapons on the numbers, because the keys around WASD are already pretty "crowded" with flame belch, chainsaw, blood punch, and mod switch, etc.

If multiple bindings are not possible, what are your key bindings for the weapons? What's comfortable for you?

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Posted (edited)

As far as I know, you can't bind more weapons to the same number.


In any case, if I remember correctly on PC i used this configuration:

1) heavy rifle; 2) shotgun; 3) SSG; 4) chaingun; 5) rocket launcher; 6) plasma rifle; 7) Ballista; T) Bfg; Ctrl) Grenade; X) flame belch; mouse5 & c) Chainsaw.


But I might remember some of them wrong because I only play Doom Eternal on the Switch now

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It may be possible to do it in the console but I'm not 100% on that.

Even if you can't, you could always bind the weapons to more unconventional keys. I have the Heavy Cannon bound to MW DOWN and Chaingun to MW UP, having extra buttons on your mouse also helps but that isn't a luxury everyone has. Think about what keys around WASD that you don't use but aren't so far away that it's uncomfortable.

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Posted (edited)

Ballista - Q

Chaingun - 1

Shotgun - 2

SSG - 3

HMG - 4

Rocketlauncher - 5

Plasmarifle - 6

BFG/Unmaykr - T

Chainsaw - C

Crucible/Hammer - G

Flame Belch - E

Glorykill/Blood Punch - F




Quickswap works a bit faster if you cycle it with the Heavy Machine Gun and learn to quick-aim the precision bolt (click alt-fire first and primary fire quickly after it)

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Posted (edited)

This works well enough for me, don't have to let go of movement keys or use that distracting weapon wheel (eventhough I still have it bound to Q)


1 - Shotgun

2 - HC

3 - SSG

G - Rocket launcher

T - Plasma gun


C - Chainsaw

V - Crucible

X - Chaingun

Z - Ballista

R - Flame Belch

E - Melee/GK

F - Weapon mod swap

LALT - Equipment swap

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Thanks for the help, you all.

I guess i can put something together from your settings that fits my preferences. Especially the MWDOWN and MWUP could be useful. I haven't event thought about that yet. :-D But since I don't cycle through the weapons with the Mousewheel, that seems to be a good idea. I'll try to put the weapons there I have usually bound to 6 and 7. I have already moved the grenade handling to additional mouse buttons and that worked pretty well.

Again, thanks a lot.

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