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Cult Game Concept Level

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This level was made a while back as a proof of concept for a game idea. I worked on this for a few weeks with two other devs, I designed this level while they made the custom enemies, weapons, and pickups.


The basic premise is you play as a former cult member who was betrayed by your cult and now seek revenge as the cult you were once part of has resurrected an ancient evil to build an army great enough to destroy the world. You have snuck into a city where one of their castles resides and you must find it and infiltrate it to weaken their grip.


This level has only been tested with GZDoom and must be played with freelook and jumping enabled. Difficulty changes are not implemented. Enemies also have predictive aim so good movement is important.


Thank you for playing and I hope you enjoy it! Also, let me know what you think!


File Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wsSW9m0RelUBT14qSULfqCnfzgHPfX3E/view?usp=sharing

Screenshot_Doom_20210416_234244 (2).png

Screenshot_Doom_20210416_234338 (2).png

Screenshot_Doom_20210416_234414 (2).png

Screenshot_Doom_20210416_234518 (2).png

Screenshot_Doom_20210416_234538 (2).png

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