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What are your ten favorite maps of all time?

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Posted (edited)

PWADS only, in no particular order:

No End In Sight – E4M4 "Wartorn Precinct" by NaturalTventy

One of the best maps in terms of gameplay on this list, it simply has everything: lots of open spaces, yet constant danger of being surrounded; interesting progression; mandatory damaging floors (I love when mappers do that), great enemy placement - all of this make this one of the best UDoom maps ever.


Community Chest 1 - Map 29 "Citadel at the Edge of Eternity" by Magical

Not only one of the biggest Doom maps of all time, but also one of the most confusing one. You need to be real Doom magician if you want to finish this map without reading the guide on DoomWiki. After playing this I feel some sort of ... Transcendency? I don't know, how to describe it, but I start to feel things differently. Or maybe I just go crazy, trying figuring out progression on this map. Anyway, this is something that everybody needs to try out. But I can't guarantee that you enjoy this as much as I do.


Deadly standards 2 - E2M8 "Shipwrecked" by Roofi

Insane vanilla trickery, impressive scale, astonishing visuals, and, as a cherry on a cake, - the best Cyberdemon fight I've ever seen. Now this feels like a proper boss fight! Fantastic adventure map overall, nothing more to say.


Doom 2 In Spain Only - Map 11 “Circulo de la Muerte” by Tarns... I mean, El Pedersen

The peak of TWIDCore style mapping as of now, this map feels like a BTSX E2M19 and "Circle of Death" have a baby. And oh god, what a baby this is. Typical for a mapper non-linear weapon progression works very well here, and secrets are almost necessary for pistol-starters. Also, an actually dangerous Mastermind, holy shit.


“Mines of Titan” by Jim Flynn

My favorite 90’s map - great atmosphere, cool progression.  Not too obscure, but not too easy to figure out either. “No Parking” is probably better as a map, but, for some strange reason, I like this one more.


BTSX E2 Map 20 – "Speedtraps of the Bee Kingdom" by Tarnsman and Esselfortium (final version)

The ultimate adventure map – it has tombs, canyons, villages, - and all of this within vanilla limits! Bonus points for being, quite possibly, the biggest vanilla map ever.


Sunder  Map 10 – "Hag’s Finger" by Insane_Gazebo

One of the most iconic opening shots, hands down. And one of the best slaughter maps, by the way – with a great variety of combat challenges, that feels slightly more forgiving, than the rest of the wad, but no less interesting and thought-provoking.


"Lilium" by Lainos

You can call me a hypocrite as much as you want, but this is one of the most important maps out there – map, that talks about the real evil, which still lurks in this world. Play this map, that's all I gonna say.


Mayhem 18, Purple Edition Map 17 - "Permanganic Shores" by BioRenegat

This one takes a lot from Serious Sam series; especially in regards of traps (beware of lone pickups!). The aesthetic is amazing: probably, the best use of beautiful Violence-tex. It’s one of the first custom maps I ever seen, so this one has special place in my heart.


Hell Revealed 2 Map 19 – "Mind Trap" by Jonas Feragen

Probably the best Feragen map: huge, adventurous, with a lot of cool fights and vanilla bridges. Also, I love this midi.


Honorable mention goes to "Frozen Time" by Eternal, for being one of the most inspiring maps - and I encounter it right when I needed inspiration the most.

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Posted (edited)

@Omniarch You know what´s kinda interesting about 3IAC main trio of protagonists? It´s the fact that @Scypek2 made them unique in terms of what weapons they "prefer".

What I mean by that is when you start a level in episode 1 with the first guy, the first weapon he usualy gets is a rocket launcher, while second guy gets chaingun/shotgun and third guy is handed almost imidiately a plasma rifle (hell the first level with third guy starts with him using exclusively a plasma rifle in slaughter-lite arena). Not only that but the gameplay is radicaly different with each guys to compliment their arsenal, Episode 1 is survival horor, E2 is action horor and E3 is full blown action movie.

Correct me if I´m wrong but I have never seen any other megawad do this subtle distinction between it´s characters, at least as far as we are talking about vanila format.



Blast Wave, by @skillsaw (MAP26 of Valiant)

Yeah @skillsaw knows how to please us Gundam heads, right Omni ;)?

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In no particular order, probably missing a lot, this might be 9 rather than 10, idk

  • 20x6 04 "Tanagra" (hon mentions: 05, 07)
  • Sl20 "inverti in darkness" (hm: 24, 28, 14)
  • "The leet map"
  • Ks25 "cow face" (hm: 29)
  • Hr22 (hm: 25)
  • Sodfinal 14 (hm: 06, 18)
  • Mohu 2 (can't decide between this and bauhaus 01)
  • Fcff 05(??) (The one with the platform puzzle) (hm: 01, 04(?))
  • Tom19 cyber two shotting map (hm: the chip's challenge map)

Just for fun, top ten shmup stages

  • Doj stage 5
  • Dodonpachi 1 stages 5 and 6
  • Ketsui stage 5
  • Dangun feveron stage 4
  • Mushihimesama futari stage 5
  • Ibara kuro stage 5
  • Garrega stage 6
  • Batrider stage 7
  • Raiden dx stage 6

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35 minutes ago, MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai said:

@Omniarch You know what´s kinda interesting about 3IAC main trio of protagonists? It´s the fact that @Scypek2 made them unique in terms of what weapons they "prefer".

Huh, that's actually a really good point. 3IAC is so chock full of these little details, its crazy.


36 minutes ago, MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai said:

Yeah @skillsaw knows how to please us Gundam heads, right Omni ;)?

Hell yes! Sieg Zeon!

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I'd love to write a wall of text more detailed explanation, but I think this'll have to do.

1) Wild Bleu Yonder by Xaser and MTrop (Adventures of Square E2A5)

2) Culture Shock by lupinx-Kassman (Ancient Aliens map 24)

3) Ending by Jaska (Lost Civilization map 20)

- 5till L1 Complex by Lainos

- Saturnine Chapel by dobu gabu maru

- The Given by dobu gabu maru

- Hazmat Hazama by Toooooasty (JPCP map 29)

- Sanctuary of Filth by NaturalTvventy (NEIS E4M6) 

- Jade Earth by Jodwin

- Formalhaut by Mechadon (THT Threnody map 10)

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21 minutes ago, Not Jabba said:

I'd love to write a wall of text more detailed explanation

I feel personally attacked rn

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2 minutes ago, Omniarch said:

I feel personally attacked rn

Mostly I just wanna give you a high five.

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Kind of hard to follow up on Omniarch's post, so I'll not try to! Here's ten favourites (in no particular order) and why:


ZDoom Community Map Project Take #1 - The ZDoom Forums circa 2004 (updated 2006)

The map that inspired me to join the ZDoom forums, update to ZDoom 2.0.63a and get hold of Doom Builder. It's also reasonably easy-going on UV, great fun and has a really upbeat and exciting atmosphere. Probably the map I've returned to the most, that I didn't make. The scripted credit sequence at the end was awesome then and is still cool now.


ZDoom Community Map Project Take #2 - The ZDoom Forums and Realm667 circa 2012-2014

The sequel may actually be better than the original! More features, a bigger cast, longer play time and a better final fight all contribute here, plus it's got the sentimental value for me of actually being the one I contributed to, albeit with a crappy large area that took a lot of work from others to bring up to scratch.


Torment 'n' Torture - Tormentor667

On a given day, I'm not sure whether I'd say the first map, TNT2: Armory of Pain or TNT3: Fortress of Damnation is actually my favourite @Tormentor667 map, as all three capture that mid-2000s ZDoom charm so well, and all three were updated nicely for UTNT, so I'll say the first, as it's a little more digestible and does a lot of good. The original City of the Damned is another good shout in this vein, IMO.


Runaway Train (NJTrain) - Enjay

@Enjay's famous train is a blast and another great example of this ZDoom era that I love so much - it's fast-paced, fun and perfectly paced. Enjay makes a lot of good stuff, but this is his "coffee break" map and a great one to revisit.


Streets of Rage: It's Time for Action (Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl MAP01) - Scuba Steve et. al

Urban Brawl is a masterpiece and this first map introduces it all so well. The art style, the game play, the story and humour - it's all here. It's closely competing with MAP02: Action Bridge: The Manhattan Project, MAP06: Phylex: Rising to The Challenge and MAP07: Phylex: Top Floor (all maps that do a lot and have plenty of interest), but as it's one of the few maps that you have to take on every time you play through, I'm glad it's so strong.


YAKWORLD E1M1 - Spackle Ltd

My one entry from earliest era, and it's here for nostalgia for the most part. It's a big crazy world and a great inspiration for a young boy who's being shown custom WADs. These days the lack of quality is readily apparent, but it's creative and still pretty fun. Plus, who can forget "GOAT MAN VERSUS MR GREEN"?


Take Umbrage (DBP18 MAP05) - glenzinho

Glen has quite a specific style in a lot of his maps, which come across as rolling arenas more often than not. This takes that kinetic game play and stretches it out into a "proper" map, for want of a better description, that has some major secrets going on (starting off the spirit of the Tomatoman saga like no other map in the set), striking visuals and a lot more to recommend it. Whilst it's not quite as visually stunning as some of what he's gone on to make (his DBP27 MAP09: Praia De Icarai is probably the current high point there) or as creative with the background details as his DBP26 map, this one just hits the spot so well. Being in the DBK made the projects a bit more special, as I was invested, involved and working alongside some good people, and I particularly liked the stretch from 17 to 26, where I was most into it.


The "Crate" Escape (DBP18 MAP07) - Big Ol' Billy

Sometimes a project idea fires you up and you put in a particularly strong showing. DBP18 had that affect on most of the mappers involved, and it was almost competitive with the extent of how the maps escalated in size and quality. Billy turned up with an epic adventure that does a lot of interesting stuff with crates and builds a big wide world. There's generally not a bad Billy map in existence, and the projects he leads have a lot going for them, but him just cutting loose with "a Doom map" was particularly special. I get more joy out of other DBPs as total experiences (Alone, Spaceballs, Christmas Carol and City of Damned Children all jump to mind), but for strong individual maps, I may still view DBP18 as the benchmark.


Serenity in the Air (MAYhem 2048 MAP06) - Memfis

I really liked MAYhem 2048 - not every map was a winner, but it's bite sized and creative, making strong use of The Return resources. Memfis' map isn't too hard, although it does pack a sting in the tail, but it's beautiful and fun. It stays memorable even after strong offerings by eternal (MAP32), Steve Duff (MAP25), tourniquet (MAP21) and Chris Hansen (MAP19) - also worthy contenders as favourites.


Diabolus Ex - Arvell

There's a fine tradition of recreating other games, mechanics from them and/or their levels in Doom. This map does a great job of lifting the theme and concept without doing much direct borrowing, I think, and the end result has a lot of the same charms as Action Doom 2, but in a single map. Great stuff.



I could probably go on, but the problem with picking a favourite map out of a good project (e.g. Pirate Doom or Doom Vacation) is that it all works together as a whole to produce a great experience, and then I don't really see the individual map any more. I was tempted to chuck one of my own maps in the list, as I often claim I'm my own favourite mapper, but I realised didn't need to, as there's lots of good stuff I've played over the years - even though I don't get too excited about the traditional megaWAD or the modern style of mapping.

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Both @Omniarch and @Phobus posts are a breath of fresh air. Fantastic stuff, both of you.


It's also a great way for me to dismiss that creeping feeling that I tend to ramble on or go into too much detail sometimes.

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3 minutes ago, Final Verdict said:

It's also a great way for me to dismiss that creeping feeling that I tend to ramble on or go into too much detail sometimes.

Damn, and I thought I was practising restraint...


Next up: Omni's Top 100 Maps, In Ten Separate Parts So As Not To Fry The Server. Its the size of a medium size sci-fi novel and twice as pretentious! I'd know, I've (half) written one!




God no. Even I don't have that much time to waste!

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Posted (edited)

in no order


1. Alien Vendetta - map 25

2. Community Chest 4 - map 10

3. Community Chest 2 - map 24

4. Bloodstain - map 06

5. Scythe 2 - map 27

6. Lunatic - map 04

7. Plutonia - map 11

8. Japanese Community Project - map 28

9. Epic 2 - map 16

10. Speed of Doom - map 26

11. Hell Revealed 2 - map 19

12. TNT: Revilution - map 30

13. Stardate 20X6 - map 06

14. Nova III - map 15


I like intensity, big fights, big spaces. my main concern is gameplay but I do like tastey aesthetics

Edited by DOEL

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Posted (edited)

It's pretty hard for me to state my top 10 favorite maps as it really depends on my mood. Majority of the maps I like are medium length maps that are beatable in under 20 minutes (Valiant Map31 and Heartland Map06 are exception) and have a "fast-food" like fun in them.


In no particular order, my top favorite maps as of now are:


- Heartland Map01: Just like what MtPain27 said in his Heartland video, I would say that this is arguably my favorite Map01 of any wad out there. I really wish there were more maps like this that contain both good sense of place and also have great flow/gameplay.


- Heartland Map06: A pure beast of a map with fast paced action and plenty of memorable fights. The best fights being the tram fights and the last fight of the map.


- Valiant Map31: A really fun entry level slaughter map that I enjoy because of it was one of the first map I ever played that had this many monsters. 


- Eviternity Map10: Creation is one of the two maps that I frequently play for relaxing and mental satisfaction. Many enemies, but short and fairly easy to mow them on this map.


- TNT: Revilution Map08: The other map that I play for my mental satisfaction. Nothing more satisfying than chaingunning all the zombie tier enemies in this map. The exit with the zombie(s) always cracks me up.


- TNT: Revilution Map12: I can't sing enough praises of this map's atmosphere. Probably the most atmospheric map I have ever played in a vanilla format map. It genuinely made me creep out a bit when I played it the first time.


- Alien Vendetta Map06: Hillside siege truly feels like a D-Day where we are invading the demon stronghold. Enemies having the high ground and rockets being scarce means that you have to man up and penetrate their defences by marching forward.


- Alien Vendetta Map18: A really fun map having Plutonia-like visuals and a good ton of enemies to kill. I like the map because of the huge arena room with half a dozen masterminds and tons of other enemies. Fun and yet fairly easy to deal with them as there are tons of health and ammo resources.


- Jenesis Map12: It's a highway. A highway where you cause destruction. What else can I say.

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1 hour ago, rd. said:

Return to Necropolis m02

Wait you've played that? I'm so jealous right now.

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@Doomkid Very well-worded post - I think you've managed to put into words something I've never been able to properly express in my own experience. There's tons of great stuff being pumped out for Doom all the time and I get a kick out of a lot of these amazing projects, but there is something to that older style that really strikes me the same way I was when beginning to dip into the whole community scene of fan-made content. I think that's why my list mostly consists of those experiences as well since they were the levels that forever left an impression on me.


All the same - way too many amazing maps from all you best Doom folks out there to even begin to keep up with.

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Yes, picking 10 maps out of thousands is a total brain-squeezer, if that phrase exists. My choices are a combination of "biggest impact"/"most fun"/"replay still great", also they don't exactly encapsulate all my favorite things in doom, because the list would otherwise be way above 100 candidates, but they are what my brain came up with in the moment, and I agree with my brain. 


So, in no particular order:


Plutonia 2 MAP17

Sacrament MAP13


Armadosia MAP21

Sunlust MAP18

Urania MAP04

No End In Sight E4M6

Ancient Aliens MAP31

Memento Mori II MAP04



I was doing writings in a text file so I may update later with brief comments on why I picked these. I have additional lots of honorable mentions, lots of, uhh, runner-ups, and the like...

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@Doomkid I feel like I got round the problem you’ve described so well by looking at significant maps from back when I could easily remember what was what. If they’ve not stayed memorable and distinct, then it doesn’t matter how good they may have been at the time!

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8 hours ago, Doomkid said:

I see some people here who are like walking encyclopedias of their favorite Doom mapsets. I'm impressed by that, and a little bit jealous. Some time between the 30th and 50th and 100th and 1000th WAD I played, I lost most of my ability to remember where one ends and the next one begins, with a few rare exceptions - and even with those, I remember the "wad as a whole" and would never be able to recall which stand-out bits came from which specific map within the wad.


In this thread and various others of a similar nature, I see people being like "Yeah, that spot 1/3rd of the way through Eviternity Map22? That shit is my jam" and I'm just thinking damn, I wish I still had that ol' starry-eyed feeling when playing wads, where I can remember a particular spot in a particular wad with fond reverence! That's a real rarity for me these days. Still, there's no way I'd trade the technical understanding for the aforementioned sense of "magic and mystery". Fun as that is (was), mapping and modding, and in some cases teaching others, gives me greater joy than that childlike-wonder ever did.

Thank you for reading my mind and putting into words exactly how I feel! Well said, sir, well said.

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Posted (edited)

I must admit I am going to struggle too, but I guess I will simply note down some great doom experiences outside of the IWads.

Just a list and this could be in any order.


1. Corporate Hell (Map28 from MM2) - Honestly I was impressed at the scale of this map and how it actually works surprisingly well by comprising the action over several smaller stories within a gigantic tower block. Also I really like the midi track here. MM2 is in my opinion the best classic mega wad (MM was to rough around the edges and Requiem felt more like style over substance in many cases).


2. 3000 AD (Map19 from Scythe) - Scythe might feel dated, but some of the middle episode still looks solid today and is very accessible to the large majority of players. This map is larger than the majority of the maps in this set and allows for a solid ten minute romp through this Futuristic tech base. A good difficulty pitch makes for a really fun map. Honourable mentions to maps 16 and 17 here as well.


3. Hillside Siege (Map06 from Alien Vendetta) - AV arrives here in style, for anyone would had got through the first five maps wondering what the fuss was about, then this map is going to be a real learning curve. It is visually pleasing even to today’s standards and it really left an impression on me, even to this day.


4. Iron Exuviae (Map31 from Nova (The birth)) - I have fond memories of Nova because of being involved in the project. This was the point Dobu arrived on the scene big time with a map truly worthy of a secret map. A big immersive metal superstructure riddles with puzzles and no combat unless you find the secret route to the map32 exit. Whilst Dobu may have surpassed this level, this truly was a eye opening experience a completely different interpretation of how to make doom maps. Yep I completely rebuilt the exit area of my map to make a fitting secret exit for this.


5. Dreamscape (Map06 from Speed of Doom) - The top of a very high peak for Darkwave, a more accessible map for casual players who might be overwhelmed by his later offerings. A gorgeous marriage of techbase a massive organic caverns that also were seen in maps02/04. It is a joy to play over and over again. Honourable mention to Map31, a great secret map.


6. The train is approaching (Map18 from Kama Sutra) - Oh look, it is almost a visual clone of Map06/24 from Alien Vendetta. This large non-linear romp is probably Gusta’s pinnacle, yes he made some truly impressive magnum opus like maps (like Map29 or indeed Pl2 Map29), but I prefer this map overall. Again being in the middle of the wad makes this feel more accessible for crappy players like



7. Insanity (Map06 from Going Down) - pretty much everything about this map showcases the power of boom can have with the entire level sinking into a complex mess of blood and flesh. A sight to behold from a mega wad that didn’t shy from complicated boom scripted set prices.


8. The Mancubian Candidate (Map07 from Valiant) - Did anyone else have that “Why didn’t I think of that” moment when playing this? Yeah Skillsaw hit this one out of the park, which is great because honestly I would have completely botched this.


9. Mutabor by Tourniquet - A tough choice for me as both this and Miasma were superb single level adventures. However I think this is a bigger achievement of mapping, sure Miasma is a glorious map but to build Mutabor with such constrained limits is a big thumbs up.


10. Netherworld Citadel (E3M7 from No End in Sight) - Big, complex, with tonnes of character. I thought I needed a UDoom map in this list, I think this is probably one of the showcase pieces from an excellent wad that starts out classic style and evolves into a monster by this point and beyond in episode 4. Top notch. Honourable mention - All of double impact, I just couldn’t put a single favourite that topped this map.

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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, Doomkid said:

..If anyone actually read all this, I commend you!

I wonder this about my own gigapost, so we're in the same boat XD


What you described in your rather lengthy opinion-qualification (not that I'm one to talk), specifically about the relationship between technical prowess and memorability, is something I can relate to, even though I am but a tiny Doom baby compared to the 'kid himself, a veritable Doom elder, despite what your username may imply ;) I think there is more to that point than simple over-exposure.


Quite frankly, things like advanced detailing, complex multi-stage encounters or domineering architecture, let alone scripting or dynamic lighting or any other GZDoom wizardry, do not, in and of themselves, make a map interesting to me, and I can still remember the names of most of my favourite maps, so its not as though I'm jaded!


Thing is, however impressive these technical achievements may be, in terms of 'wow-factor', all but the greatest wads pale in comparison to modern AAA titles, especially Souls games, which legitimately leave me speechless from visual spectacle alone.


I do not come to Doom to be 'wowed', though that is surely a nice bonus when combined with other virtues, I come to it for the superb combat, abstract visuals and above all its infectious retro feel. I like Doom maps that move 'laterally', compared with the mainstream, aiming to take advantage of the game's unique qualities to create a truly original experience that I can't get anywhere else.


Simply put, if I find a wad technically impressive but don't enjoy the experience for whatever reason, I don't feel even the slightest bit guilty about it. I'm perfectly content with respecting the skill that went into something whilst simultaneously acknowledging that it is simply not my cup of tea. My relationship with (G)ZDoom sets in general is like this, since the advanced features the engine provides are generally of little to no value to me.


So I'm not sure an absence of 'wonder' is the root cause, at least not in my case. If you've seen my top ten (hard to miss, given that the post takes up half the page!), you'll notice that most of the maps there are limit-removing or even vanilla. What many of my picks lack in obvious technical prowess, they make up for in 'soul', for lack of a better term. That, and many are impressive in relation to their format, which is an entirely different matter.


And so we come back to the illusive quality of 'soul', as any discussion about quality inevitably must. Frankly, in objective terms, I don't think such a thing exists. I've come to realize that when I refer to 'soul', I am actually just using the word to articulate the feeling that I get when a set's qualities align closely with my 'values'.


Take No End In Sight, for example. To me, its most outstanding qualities are the following:


1) abstract level design that forces the player to interact with the environment in often novel ways


2) a strong sense of place for each individual map, loosely sorted into episodes based on theme to maintain a sense of consistency.


3) related to the above, a natural progression over the course of the set from a slightly subverted sense of normality in E1 to the demented, border-line sadistic insanity of E4M6 (which I covered in my earlier gigapost)


This is just a rough outline, but just look how the above maps onto my personal 'values':


1) the thing I value most in a map is its ability to actively engage me with its geometry alone, whether that be through ingenious secrets, original progression, visual storytelling or all of the above.


2) another thing that I value strongly, related to but distinct from the above, is a sense of place. This quality is generally localized to the individual map, though it can be enhanced through wider context. Speaking of.


3) a sense of overall progression and context is important to me, at least when it comes to mapsets as opposed to stand alone maps. It is this value that makes me prefer Ultimate Doom over Doom 2, which I feel is lacking in this regard despite generally having much more interesting levels.


4) for lack of a better term, I like maps to be 'fun'. Shocker, right? What this means is that there is a limit to the value artsy-fartsy sets that emphasize the above at the expense of basic enjoyment. Three's A Crowd does this sometimes, though many of its maps are also really fun, so I'm not really complaining.


Notice how NEIS maps (heh) pretty solidly onto the first three of those values? Of all the sets I've played, it aligns most closely with my values, and coincidentally has the strongest 'soul' out of any set I've played. Incidentally, skillsaw's stuff maps onto the latter three, which is why he's one of my favourites. Antares falls into the same camp.


That's my theory, anyway. I kind of wandered off topic a bit, but whatever this is a forum, nothing wrong with a bit of rambling (I hope?). I would like to know if anyone else agrees, disagrees or has anything to add to the above points.

Edited by Omniarch

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1 hour ago, Omniarch said:

[Omniarch's Advanced Doom Theory]


Actually saving this post and taking notes, because I think this is on the fricking money.

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On 4/18/2021 at 8:21 AM, Dubbag said:

oh man, I don't even know. I've played so many over the last 20 years I can't remember them all sorry. But I can however tell you my favorite map of all time though, it's "The View" by Thomas Lutrov from "Community Chest 2" or "Map 06". Same author of a WAD called "No Brakes" in 2005. https://doom.fandom.com/wiki/MAP27:_No_Brakes_(NDCP)

IDK if he will ever see this, but thank you so much man because I have very fond memories with it going back as far as 16 years old and I'm 29 now.

Hey man! I'm so stoked to hear that this is your favourite map of all time. I just happened to come across this post by pure chance (I haven't posted on this forum for well over a decade!) I'm also 29, so it turns out I made the map when I was only 12 years old.


Anyway, thank you so much for the kind words. Feels good knowing something I made so long ago has brought joy to somebody :)

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Doom E1M3: The map where DOOM begins for me. It's the map I think of when I think of the original Doom. The pace is fast, the secrets are fun, and it's enjoyable from beginning to end.

Valiant Map 27: This is a remake of not one, but two of my all time favourite Doom levels - and it manages to do them better than the originals! Fast, arcadey goodness that's great for letting off steam.

Paradise Map 04: Fast, beautiful, and chaotic. Everything I love about Doom amplified through Tango's excellent gameplay mod. One of the most fun experiences you can have.

Scythe Map 26: My first real exposure to anything relating to slaughter was a pleasant one. The best thing about this map is its placement. Most of Scythe is fairly easy - which is good when you're new to Doom - but then this map comes in and shows you the kind of overblown spectacle Doom can provide. Fucking glorious.

Return to Hadron E1M4: The first map that really showcases the hit and run guerilla tactics Cannonball excels at. This one is one I return to quite often for a quick blast of UDoom goodness.

Eviternity Map 03, 10, 11: Well, this was my first ever megawad, so there was bound to be some repeats. Whenever I watch people play Eviternity I see them say Map 03 is forgettable and I've finally learned it's ok to let them be wrong. It's one of those maps I enjoy coming back to and seeing how fights play out from different angles since it's so nonlinear. Map 10 has the second best midi I've ever heard and it's a visual and ludo delight. Map 11 has the best midi. I almost teared up when I first heard it. Not sure why it hit me so hard, but it did.

Back to Saturn X E1 Map 24: Most of BTSX is good. I love the first 6 levels in particular, but after that they do bleed together a bit. The last map stands out by having one of the most insane arena battles in Doom history. Is it the toughest I've faced? No, but it's one of the coolest, that's for damn sure.

Sunlust Map 01: I've only played the first 10 maps of Sunlust, so I haven't got to the really good stuff. That said, this is my favourite map 01 ever. It's lean, it's mean, and the midi is so good I bought the soundtrack to Flashback.

Struggle Map 03: A map so damn good it inspired me to totally steal the first room make my first ever level.


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17 minutes ago, Lutrov71 said:

Hey man! I'm so stoked to hear that this is your favourite map of all time. I just happened to come across this post by pure chance (I haven't posted on this forum for well over a decade!) I'm also 29, so it turns out I made the map when I was only 12 years old.


Anyway, thank you so much for the kind words. Feels good knowing something I made so long ago has brought joy to somebody :)

woah, 12 years old? that is insanely impressive for someone of that age

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8 hours ago, Omniarch said:

Thing is, however impressive these technical achievements may be, in terms of 'wow-factor', all but the greatest wads pale in comparison to modern AAA titles, especially Souls games, which legitimately leave me speechless from visual spectacle alone.


 I do not come to Doom to be 'wowed', though that is surely a nice bonus when combined with other virtues, I come to it for the superb combat, abstract visuals and above all its infectious retro feel. I like Doom maps that move 'laterally', compared with the mainstream, aiming to take advantage of the game's unique qualities to create a truly original experience that I can't get anywhere else.


Simply put, if I find a wad technically impressive but don't enjoy the experience for whatever reason, I don't feel even the slightest bit guilty about it. I'm perfectly content with respecting the skill that went into something whilst simultaneously acknowledging that it is simply not my cup of tea.


Big same. And the AAA comparison was exactly how I've thought of it. In my favorite Wowing Doom Maps, the wowiness is generally secondary to some other strong qualities. (Which in turn means that those qualities are really strong if they outpace the overt impressiveness of such a map.) 


Generally, wads that are more about that sort of "lateral" artistic expression -- Going Down, Nanka Kurashiki maps, myhouse.wads, and yes maps like Culture Shock and Eviternity m15/m26 (visually these are actually deceptively simple) and even things like Breach and Brigandine (for all the sheer fidelity of these, there is the sense that every construct and detail is painstakingly fussed-over to look as good as it can, not piled on in haste for the sake of fidelity) -- are timeless. A wad that stakes its value purely in technical achievement will look a lot less impressive to people 10 years in the future, when even more impressive things have come along.

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