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how gamer are you

how gamer are you  

89 members have voted

  1. 1. on a scale from 1-10 how gamer do you think you are

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1 hour ago, Lucky_Edie said:

I've played video games before




I actually backed Path of Exile when it was still in early development. This was long before it came to steam, I think it was around 2010-2011. Back then there hadn't been a Diablo-like game in years and the genre was effectively dead.


I came across it one day and immediately threw money at it, which kind of backfired on me.


Don't ask how much, suffice to say I had my name in big flashing golden letters on the credits screen. I remember having a discussion with the main dev (Chris something, I forget his second name) at the time about removing it, he never did. It was too flash and pompous for my liking and I eventually changed my GGG forum name because of it.


Then just to piss me off they added flashing bronze, silver and gold trimming to forum avatars for those who had backed it. Based on how much they had given.


This couldn't be disabled at the time and people kept mistaking me for a dev, pestering me for updates and acting all fanboyish around me. I tried in vein to get them to remove it from my account, they never did. So I abandoned the forums forever... I'm weird that way. This was back in the really early development days though, there wasn't many gold supporters at the time. It was rare to even see a bronze supporter and the platinum support pack wasn't even a thing yet.


I don't know if that name flashing disco credit screen is still in-game. I haven't played PoE since Tencent got involved, it took a different direction after that and I left. It's a great game though and it isn't uncommon to see time stamps of 2,000-4,000 hours on steam.


You're definitely on the higher end of that spectrum though. Nice going.


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i think about games all the time. clicked 2 =P

never have I ever consciously attempted to become better at a game; in my heart of hearts I know that if I'm trying to beat a level, or a game, or build a deck or mess with a fighting game character or what have you, I totally reject all forms of practise and improvement in favor of my own whim and interests in the possibilities. im a nonlinear gamer or not a gamer at all

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It's about time we had a poll like this, so we can expel the filthy casuals, those who haven't played every game in existence . We need to narrow down the "true gamers" in the forums. According to my extensive research you are a true gamer if:


  • You have no personal hygiene, and smell like an animal that died, was left to stew in the sun and attracted flies. The true gamer scent.
  • Your social life is dead, and every time you see a human being. Who needs human beings, am I right?
  • Every time you see a person in the street, you yell racial slurs, question their sexuality or insult their mother. You feed on their misery because you're a terrible person , just like in Call of duty: War crimes are cool now edition.
  • Your diet consists of Doritos, energy drinks and Mountain Dew. The true gamer doesn't need "Protein" to survive. What even is protein, anyway? Did some so-called scientist make it up?
  • You are deathly pale, and look like a corpse that would fit in at a morgue. Sunlight would essentially set you on fire.
  • You have no immune system. As a wise T-shirt once said: Gamers don't die, they just respawn!
  • You send periodic death threats to your favorite game developers. Nothing gets people working harder than threatening people's families and lives! 

To answer your question, I am so gamer that while I've been writing this post I was gaming. I just poured 800 hours into an RPG that I hate, trolled a bunch of people in a multiplayer shooter by yelling homophobic slurs and collapsed from exhaustion due to a 76 hour game binge. I'm so gamer, that I've lost all feeling in my hands, legs and upper body. I haven't seen another human being in weeks, and I'm fairly sure my neighbors have called the police due to the stench of my house.




Edited by Silhou3tte

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The only game I play is Classic Doom now probably for the last 3 years. Nothing that comes out these days grabs my interest. In my opinion, most games aren't even games anymore. They are all just interactive movies at this point, or they don't work upon release or they're always disappointing and ask you to pay money to do anything worth a damn. The only games I enjoyed that are new were Doom 2016 and Eternal and those got boring after a while too.

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Video gaming on the PC is probably my Number One hobby. So I do think it's kind of a shame to see that the term "gamer" has developed so many negative connotations. It's not entirely without good reason of course; we can all agree that shit like GamerGate is fucking weird, right? Also the general state of the modern video game industry is pretty fucking awful, which does not reflect well on anyone willing to defend that or otherwise hang their identity on it.


I'm pretty sure that the unwashed jerks are a minority, but they certainly do screech the loudest...

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Everyone always asks how gamer you are, but never why gamer you are.


Wait, that's not right...

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It was 2012 when I heard it.


"You haven't played Skyrim? How can you call yourself a gamer??"


That's when I knew.


You're all terrible people.


hash tag yes all gamers

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My dad's pretty hardcore for an 70 year old, he finished Dead space 1&2 with mouse and keyboard. He's just finished playing through HL2 0_o


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17 hours ago, battlescroll said:

this poll will tell us the skill most doom world users have.

not a gamer, although I play games from time to time.

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I feel like developing and modding makes you more of a gamer, not less. I gave myself an 8 because although I spend tons of time in the video game world, I'm not extreme enough that it takes up my entire life. I feel that a 10 would mean you are pretty much consumed by gaming all day every day. Or at least, you are dedicated enough to be playing competitively like those StarCraft androids that can click their buttons faster than your eye can see it...

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I gave myself an 8/10 - I'm really into playing games, and often try to complete the ones I play to an extent I'm happy with, but I'm no kind of competitive or high-score gamer and I don't care for online competitive play at all.

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On 4/18/2021 at 5:32 AM, Reelvonic said:

how gamer am i.







Damn What a savage ... I wouldn't want to be put in the same cell with as you are in.

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8 hours ago, Archanhell said:

your level of oppressed is the way to scale a gamer, not numbers.


Then everyone here is a 10


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4 hours ago, Reelvonic said:



i 4m 7h3 m057 1337 g4m3r


i will haxx your family through my nintendo ds

Pfft... Amateur, everyone knows Jeff K is teh /\/\057 3|_337 #4><0|2 7#47 #4(|<3|)  (0/\/\|>|_|73|25. 

Edited by Jello : Had to fix a small typo in my |_337 5|>34|<. It was bugging me. The fewer actual letters you use, the more |_337 |_| |2. And continuity is important as well.

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