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Free Textures for Original Doom?

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So I am working on making a wad that looks like the natural outside - Non Hellish.
I already searched the forum but did not find much information on this.
I'm not really sure how to create these textures my self and for simplicity I thought it would be easier if there is a wad or images that could be used on what I'm working on.

The question is.. are there any publicly shared wad textures?
Any information would be kindly appreciated. 😁


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There are a number of texture packs that cover a wide range of themes. For example, OTEX has been quite popular since its release:

Freedoom has a bunch of textures that are free to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. In addition to its own replacements for all the stock Doom/Doom II textures, it also includes some other textures such as Aquatex.


Here's a thread where you can find a bunch more textures people have shared, too:


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Posted (edited)

I'm guessing many of these textures will not work for the original doom running on dos box - I tried and it crashed due to higher resolution I'm guessing? 
Ill have to experiment around with that until it works!
Seemed simple enough Thanks very much!

Edit - Figured it out on GZ doom!

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42 minutes ago, LateToDOOM2020 said:

I tried and it crashed due to higher resolution I'm guessing? 

Resolution should usually not be an issue because most Doom texture packs are made to fit the same scale as vanilla Doom textures. Crashes may be caused by using PNG images as texture sources, though.


More texture packs can be found here and there and elsewhere.

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