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Teo Slayer

Favourite Track from the Classic Doom Series

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It’s way too hard to pick, there’s a lot of good tunes in Classic Doom.


From Doom 1, E1M3 (Dark Halls), E1M8 (Sign of Evil), and E2M2 (Demons from Adrian’s Pen)


From Doom 2, Map08 (The DDT Blues), Map10 (The Demon’s Dead) and especially Map20 (Message for the Arch-Vile)


From TNT... Let’s Kill at Will, Soldier of Chaos, Sadistic, Belly of the Beast, Legion of the Lost... Oh, the whole damn thing FFS! One of the greatest OSTs to grace my hearholes.

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Pretty much the TNT soundtrack. Deaths Bells is the one I remember the name of except I like every TNT song a fair bit.

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Posted (edited)


     - E3M1 cause I love episode 3

     - E3M3 cause Pandemonium is a good map :D (plus I love the guitar riffs)

     - E1M3 Surprisingly has caught up with me lately being a really cool and creepy song which fits DooM perfectly


DooT Twoot:

     - MAP09 Has such a slappin' fun song

     - MAP01. YES. I WILL defend that D_RUNNIN is the superior first level song... XD

     - MAP23 Cause a lotta people dislike Barrel's O' Fun yet not only is the level goofy but the song rocks. :D

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Here I go.


  • E2M4 and E2M6. Both of them I like because of the atmospheric nature of the midi. While M4 has a desolated feeling to it when you explore the almost abandoned lab, M6 tries to scare you in a map that features surprises and a dark environment. Perfect.
  • Honorable mentions goes to E1M4, E1M9 and E2M9/E3M1 midis.

Doom 2:

  • Maps 18/27. I love this midi. I think it fits better in map 18 than 27 but still works nonetheless. The midi is all about a waiting game and who's gonna strike first which, funnily enough, both maps have that criteria.
  • Maps 20/26. Gotcha in the abandoned mines. A message coming from the healer and stalker himself. Love this one too. Starts calm and ends up with a bang. 
  • Honorable mentions goes to maps 05/13, map 23 and map 28.

TNT Evilution:

  • Map 31/intermission: Do I need to say more than I fucking love this midi? Foreboding, melancholic, a sense of hopelessness...Doomguy feeling that has an endless path of pain and suffering, looking at the horizon.
  • Map 06: this one has the same feeling as the E2M6 midi, like if you are feeling something sinister in the air, stalking you from afar.
  • Maps 02/15: Search and destroy. The beats of the midi makes up for it and makes you a badass guy, ripping and tearing until it's over. Good midi (unlike the glitchy version of this midi)
  • Honorable mentions goes to map 5, map 7 and map 14.

And that's it. Plutonia has both Doom and Doom 2 midis. So, that's not necessary to repeat.

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Which track is your favourite from the classic Doom Series?
It can be from either Doom, Doom II and Final Doom

Poor Doom 64 always gets left out. It was only a year after Final Doom!


But anyways, probably...
DoomDeep Into The Code

Doom II:  The Demon's Dead

TNT: Smells like Burning Corpse

Doom 64: Lamentation of the Forgotten

Mind you I'm an indecisive fuck, so I change favorites all the time.

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Doom: Kitchen Ace (and Taking Names)

Doom II: Into Sandy's City

TNT: Legion of the Lost


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On 4/19/2021 at 4:08 AM, Pirx said:


That is so great. 




Fluffy caco made me laugh! Thank you for that!

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Posted (edited)
  • Dark Halls (E1M3) - great electronic piece, simple but very effective. I love the harmonic twist at the very end
  • Demons from Adrian’s Pen (E2M2) - lots of drums variations, it changes the pace from atmospheric to tense and energetic in a matter of seconds
  • They're Going to Get You (E2M4) - I love the quiet violin on the background. Pretty unsettling when the tritonesque dissonance kicks in
  • Between Levels (MAP04) - Cool jazzy piece with Bobby Prince's classic 12 bar structure. It smells like Wolfenstein 3D (as well as other DOS games)
  • Opening To Hell (MAP30) - Great use of portamentos, along with ultra low and high pitches to create unease textures and abstract sound design
  • TNT Soundtrack (All of it) - It's that good! Soldier of Chaos, Into the Beast's Belly, Let's Kill at Will, Cold Subtleness, Blood Jungle, Aim Shoot Kill are amazing tracks and I prefer them over anything from D1 and D2 (Bobby Prince is great but I prefer his tracks from other games tbh).
  • Skullhacker (Doom 2016) - amazing ultra-progressive\post-industrial track from Doom 2016 with crazy time signatures, polyrhytmical sequences, raw guitars and detailed glitchy soundscapes. Good stuff!

Honorary mentions: Kitchen Ace (and Taking Names), Suspense, Donna to the Rescue, Facing the Spider, The Healer Stalks, DOOM, Waiting for Romero to Play, Bye Bye American Pie

Edited by Noiser

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Posted (edited)

Nobody Told Me About id

Demon's On The Prey

The Demon's From Adrian's Pen

Into Sandy's City

The Demon's Dead

Opening To Hell



Into The Beast's Belly

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For me it's a toss up between the tracks from E1M5 and E2M2. Both have a bit of a sinister sound to them and fit their levels perfectly in my view. Andrew Hulshult's versions really increased my appreciation for them in particular. 

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Doom: Dark Halls (simply the best techbase exploring track)
Doom II: Intermission (never get tired of this)
Evilution: Into the Beast's Belly (one of those tracks which stuck in the head, but sadly too short)

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Most of my favorites have been listed here, but I don't think anyone has said In The Dark from Doom 2.  I know The Factory is one of the more lackluster maps and the track is 7 minutes long, but I can't get over the subtle atmosphere the bassline provides.  That midi theremin is underutilized too.

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