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MAYHEM_!!! is a challenging WAD With 8 maps, and 6 challenging bosses.


 compatible with GZDoom and ZDOOM ports.

Play Info

recommended to play with GZDOOM or ZDOOM


Mapping, testing, art and other things were done by russin

thanks to Arakane Studios for texture

Thanks to jimmy for fonts

and huge thanks to web site realm667

MAPS list

map 01: castle

map 02: underground

map 03: moloch halls

map 04: the focus (garbage)

map 05: Arachno queen

map 06: heavy guard

map 07: spider cave

map 08:final battle

map 09: the end





level 6_heavy guard - MAYHEM!!  18.04.2021 15_49_07.png

GZDoom g4.4.2  64-bit (2020-06-16 19_19_13 +0200) 18.04.2021 15_48_15.png

GZDoom g4.4.2  64-bit (2020-06-16 19_19_13 +0200) 16.04.2021 11_32_52.png

level 8_Final battle - MAYHEM!!  18.04.2021 15_50_54.png

level 7_spider cave - MAYHEM!!  18.04.2021 15_49_34.png


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54 minutes ago, Mr Masker said:

are you sure this won't get confused with the Mayhem community things?


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Just began playing it and its very cool from the sounds to the textures to the hellish design!
I really like that fog effect.

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I like these so far. Some nice looking environments and ZDoom effects. Did the first 3 maps, had to cheat on the 4th one, the 'garbage' comment I assume that's ok.

Wasn't sure if jumping was allowed, but it seemed to be necessary at points so I did some jumping.



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