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Insertion TAS...

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I dunno about the name of that mapset. Anywho, head over to Visions of Doom to check out a TAS (that's tool assisted) run of Insertion, a mapset released back in 1998 by Dave Shaw, who was probably better known for his midi skills back then. Anywho, the levels are pretty good from what I remember (I haven't played them in a while, but I recall them a bit), and Andy says the demos are some of his best work, so looks like we're all in for a treat. There's another thing for you to download. Ha!

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I've just watched them. Nice maps and demos.

BTW, even the ones that (according to the text file) don't play back OK with Boom, are fine with PrBoom (well, I used GLBoom and -timedemo, but that shouldn't make any difference).

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Andy means the real Boom. version 2.02.
and yes, good demos for sure. the later maps were awesome.. starting with map06. very cool.

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