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MDL - Mini Doom Launcher

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Mini Doom Launcher


Mini Doom Launcher or MDL is a modification launcher for Doom and Doom 2. It is designed to be compact and simple in a small window.

Some things are not complete and will be patched. If you encounter a glitch or bug of any kind. Please leave a comment in the forum below.


Get Mini Doom Launcher here:


Download MDL 1.1

MDL 1.1 Changelog:

  • Added "Refresh ports" option in the options menu.

  • Added multiple files select while adding PWADs.

  • Added error message when the start button is clicked with no ports configured.


Download MDL 1.0


View the website

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Small and compact sounds good, love such Programs.


Will test it by Time :)

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Works fine so far :)

- When i added the Source Ports (Choclate and GZ) they appeared after i closed the Launcher. But i could start the Game, so it only wasn't displayed, overall a minor Problem that only will appear on the first startup.

As a Wish:

- Would be cool if it would be possible to add multiple WADs ad once :)

- or to drag and drop them

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On 2/17/2022 at 12:27 PM, Azuris said:

Oh wanted to reload it, the Links are broken.

Could you provide one :) ?

I am no longer involved with the DOOM community anymore, anyways, here is the link.

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