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Tenth Gear [-complevel 9]

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I decided to do a D2ALL No Monsters run just for the fun of it. It's not optimized at all, but it's a start. Oh, and fuck MAP27. That map is evil and I hate it.



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Posted (edited)

I did casual tysons for all the maps that seemed easy/obvious. Others are definitely possible but hard like 05, 31, and 25, and probably even 27 is possible if you run around on the scrollers until the cacos kill every imp then clean up the leftovers but it would be awful. Others could be possible if you do some weirdo monster manipulation stuff but I couldn't confirm it. Fun maps.


map01 tyson in 1:01

map02 tyson/reality in 1:57

map07 tyson in 0:49

map09 tyson in 0:24

map11 tyson in 0:16

map14 tyson in 2:07

map16 tyson in 0:10

map17 tyson in 0:42

map24 tyson in 3:22

map26 tyson in 0:26













Actually never mind, map05 is easy and just requires some patience, I already got exits but I'll try a bit more tomorrow.

Edited by BoxY

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Posted (edited)

Map 01 in 0:38



Edited by 1Destro3456 : Fixed the download and it is now my demo and not a repost of the one on top of me lol

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10 minutes ago, Dubbag said:

damn son its a speedrun war over here! lol

I'm just wondering when the DSDA will be updated.

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