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Tenth Gear [-complevel 9]

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Tenth Gear was recently uploaded to idgames, so here's the demo thread for it.


Here are the demos I recorded. I spent the whole day speedrunning. I can't get enough of this wad.


MAP02 UV Fast in 0:23.09 - tenthgear02f023.zip

MAP02 UV Max in 0:19.83 - tenthgear02m019.zip

MAP02 Nightmare in 0:07.40 - tenthgear02n007.zip

MAP02 No Monsters in 0:04.77 - tenthgear02o004.zip

MAP02 Pacifist in 0:15.34 - tenthgear02p015.zip

MAP02 Stroller in 0:14.29 - tenthgear02str014.zip

MAP06 UV Fast in 0:30.54 - tenthgear06f030.zip

MAP06 UV Max in 0:34.51 - tenthgear06m034.zip

MAP06 No Monsters in 0:05.71 - tenthgear06o005.zip

MAP07 UV Fast in 0:38.26 - tenthgear07f038.zip

MAP07 UV Max in 0:33.43 - tenthgear07m033.zip

MAP07 No Monsters in 0:12.37 - tenthgear07o012.zip

MAP08 UV Speed in 0:04.69 - tenthgear08-004.zip

MAP08 UV Fast in 0:15.86 - tenthgear08f015.zip

MAP08 UV Max in 0:12.60 - tenthgear08m012.zip

MAP08 Nightmare in 0:04.66 - tenthgear08n004.zip

MAP08 No Monsters in 0:02.97 - tenthgear08o002.zip

MAP09 UV Max in 0:20.57 - tenthgear09m020.zip

MAP09 No Monsters in 0:04.80 - tenthgear09o004.zip

MAP09 UV Pacifist in 0:07.71 - tenthgear09p007.zip

MAP12 UV Max in 0:34.20 - tenthgear12m034.zip

MAP12 No Monsters in 0:09.17 - tenthgear12o009.zip

MAP12 UV Pacifist in 0:12.71 - tenthgear12p012.zip

MAP13 UV Max in 0:36.69 - tenthgear13m036.zip

MAP13 No Monsters in 0:04.11 - tenthgear13o004.zip

MAP13 UV Pacifist in 0:05.60 - tenthgear13p005.zip

MAP16 UV Fast in 0:05.86 - tenthgear16f005.zip

MAP16 UV Max in 0:05.29 - tenthgear16m005.zip

MAP16 Nightmare in 0:05.20 - tenthgear16n005.zip

MAP16 No Monsters in 0:01.69 - tenthgear16o001.zip

MAP16 UV Pacifist in 0:02.14 - tenthgear16p002.zip

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1 hour ago, Dubbag said:

I'm so glad so many people love this WAD!

What can I say? I love short map compilations like this.

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Posted (edited)

Map 02 UV Speed 0:12

(I'm completely new to uploading here, so if there is something wrong with it I'll edit the post out)






Edited by 1Destro3456 : changed the download link to have a better file name

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Posted (edited)

Fun stuff. Seriously.


MAP14 UV-Pacifist in 0:15.83 tg14uvp-1583.zip

MAP16 UV-Pacifist in 0:01.80 tg16uvp-180.zip

MAP23 UV-Pacifist in 0:09.37 tg23uvp-937.zip

MAP25 NM-Speed + Pacifist in 0:21.89 tg25nmp-2189.zip

MAP27 NM-Speed + Pacifist in 0:11.43 tg27nmp-1143.zip

MAP27 UV-Pacifist + Reality in 0:11.31 tg27uvpr1131.zip

MAP28 UV-Max in 1:11.51 tg28uvm-111.zip


MAP28 is the roughest. MAP27 has plenty of opportunities.

Where MAP29 runs :<

Edited by Dunn & Dunn

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Shepardus said:

Just checking, MAP15 and MAP31 have no secret exits, right?

Unfortunately not. :P

A D2All of the WAD will simply be MAP01-MAP30

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7 hours ago, Dunn & Dunn said:

MAP28 is the roughest. MAP27 has plenty of opportunities.


MAP27 is the worst for d2all, I think. 28 can be cheased very badly

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MAP26 UV Fast in 0:19.83 - tenthgear26f019.zip

MAP26 UV Max in 0:20.14 - tenthgear26m020.zip

MAP26 Nightmare in 0:15.69 - tenthgear26n015.zip

MAP26 No Monsters in 0:08.23 - tenthgear26o008.zip

MAP26 UV Pacifist in 0:10.71 - tenthgear26p010.zip

MAP27 Nightmare in 0:12.03 - tenthgear27n012.zip

MAP27 No Monsters in 0:10.77 - tenthgear27o010.zip

MAP27 UV Pacifist in 0:12.20 - tenthgear27p012.zip

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28 minutes ago, Dunn & Dunn said:


  Reveal hidden contents

Am I sorry?



No problem :) I'm not angry on this map anymore once I've done it. I'll have my revenge in a d2all hopefully 


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