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Eternity automap now has an overlay mode

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The Eternity Engine automap now has an overlay mode, where it acts like a HUD on top of your game view. The interface is equivalent to that of PrBoom+ and Crispy Doom: while inside the automap, you can press a key to toggle the overlay mode, similar to how you can toggle the follow mode or the grid.


You will get it on tomorrow's DRDteam devbuild.


Here's how it looks:




To activate it, you may need to bind a key to it. On a new Eternity install, it is the o key, but if you're upgrading Eternity, you'll need to bind it. Go to: Options > Key Bindings > Functions > automap page and bind a key to Overlay Mode (or use the console: bind o map_overlay).


EDIT: I updated the picture. Initially it had the textual HUD elements visible during the overlay map, but now they can only be seen in the classic map, after user feedback.

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I've updated it to no longer show the map name, coordinates, time in the overlay view. For them, you need to switch to the classic view (using the same key).

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Awesome! When I played Heartland this was one of the few things I really missed from Crispy Doom and PrBoom+.

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